Selling your home is a big step, but one you don’t want to spend a lifetime doing. Most of the time you don’t want to spend tons of money investing in a home you’re about to leave behind. Instead, you want to save that cash for the place you’re looking to purchase. That’s understandable, but realtors argue that putting in some time and money to update your existing home can get it sold faster putting you in the new home of your dreams faster. That’s why you want to find paint colors that sell your home faster so you can get into your new home.


Fastest Way to Sell Your Home

Painting is the fastest way to update any room and make it feel new again. While renovating your kitchen or bathroom may give you a high return on your investment, anywhere from 70% to 78%, experts say painting your interior and exterior of your home will bring you the highest return. We’re talking 90% return on investment or ROI. It’s also a quick update when you think about how fast a team of professional painters can paint the inside and outside of your home in a few days. Painting your home is also the most affordable update you can do in your home when you’re getting it ready to put it on the market. But, all this money, time, and effort won’t so you any good if you don’t pick the right colors. There is a method here. We want to help. Here are a few paint colors that sell your home when you’re ready to list.

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Paint Colors That Sell Your Home

Beige and Tans: Neutral is a good choice when choosing paint colors that sell your home, but understand that there are a host of neutral colors on the color wheel. The first you may lean towards, and those that feel the safest, are your beiges or tans. There are plenty of shades in either family and most will be a nice, clean color for a whole house paint choice. These lighter neutrals are great for making your smaller spaces feel more open and spacious. They tend to bounce natural light off the walls and ceilings and give your room a clean and updated look.

Stone Neutrals: Another neutral color many homeowners don’t consider is the shades you can find naturally in the stone family. These paint colors that sell your home are found in the natural color of stones you can find outdoors. These colors range from browns to grays and everything in between. A stone neutral may not be the best choice in a room with stone features, such as a stacked stone fireplace. You would want a contrasting color on the wall behind the fireplace so it would stand out and pop as a focal point in the room.

Warm Neutrals: Warm neutral colors are also colors found in nature. A warm sunny yellow or orange can be a nice choice in a kitchen and living space combination whether they’re used as a whole room color or just an accent wall. Choosing these paint colors that sell your home are proven to get you an offer on the table faster because they create a warm and inviting feeling in your home when potential buyers walk through. With the right staging, a warm room can make someone want to move right in.

Cool Neutrals: Cool neutrals are a little riskier, but if you have modern décor, a cool light turquoise or baby blue can keep the modern feel of your furnishings without turning a traditional tasted potential buyer off. Adding cool neutrals can really help create a spa feeling in your master bathroom. If you don’t have the time or money to invest in a bathroom renovation, you can make your existing space feel like a retreat with the right paint colors that sell your home.

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Paint Textures: Most realtors and interior designers would argue that using textured paint colors that sell your home wouldn’t really help your cause. Style is so individualized. While you may think it’s beautiful or chic, someone touring your home with intent to buy it may not enjoy the style. That could lose your deal. When you hire an agent to help you sell your home, they will advise that you repaint any textured areas of your home to broaden the appeal. It’s like casting a wide net. You just have to see which fish bites.


Outdoor Paint Colors That Sell Your Home

Outdoor paint colors that sell your home are different than those neutral colors you might choose for your interior. The correct bright colors can really make your home stand out of all the homes on the block. If you pick a color that’s too bright, your home could be the eyesore of the neighborhood. No one wants to be that home. First things first, check with your local authorities about paint color restrictions before investing in a custom color. Experts say paint colors that sell your home include shades of burgundy, blues, and olive greens. Add in a bright white or corresponding tan trim and you could have the best house on the block. Many paint makers offer historic shades that have already passed through the rigorous historic commission approval. That option could save you time and headache. Whether you choose paint colors that sell your home as a do it yourself project or you decide to hire a pro, you can bet on a high return on your investment and a quick sold sign in the yard. Hiring a professional painting contractor, like Romanov Painting could save you time and money. You won’t have to do it yourself so you can focus your attention on finding your new home. You also save money because you won’t have to re-do it yourself when you make a mistake or decide you don’t like the color. Romanov Painting is engrained in the San Mateo and surrounding areas so we’re here when you need us. Our service is your solution when choosing paint colors that sell your home.

If you’re tired of the hum drum and boring paint in your home’s interior, maybe you need to think out of the box to capture a new style in your décor. Look up for some design inspiration. Interior designers are now taking style to the next level with creative painted ceiling projects to liven up any room of your home. Known to designers as the “fifth wall,” ceilings are really being considered in the whole design scheme. It’s an easy solution you can do yourself or hire a pro to knock out for you. The results of painted ceiling projects can be breathtaking if done correctly.


Graphic Painted Ceiling Projects

Going with graphic art or a pattern in your painted ceiling projects is a bold move in more ways than one, but if the patterns or the graphic designs are large enough, it won’t make the room feel too busy. You can’t relax in a busy room. A classic large pattern, such as a neutral two-toned chevron, can bring the visual interest and trend that you want while not overpowering the other art on display in the room. Make sure you don’t overkill the design with a pattern up top and on the floor with carpet or an area rug. That could close in the space and make it feel more like a sandwich than an eloquent design.


If you’re not ready to commit to your entire ceiling to be painted, you can use a graphic mural that carries from the wall to the ceiling to tie the two together. Use boxed art as a headboard in a bedroom, or painted murals over a baby’s crib in a nursery. You can even use painted murals over your bathtub in the master bathroom to bring focus to your place of luxury.


Your Ceiling as an Accent Wall

Here’s another thought to get your painted ceiling project ideas stirring in your head. Try using your ceiling as an accent wall. If you went with a very neutral color on the four walls of your room, you could use your ceiling as the perfect place for a pop of color. Painted ceiling projects like this can really bring functionality to a room as well as style. Choose a bold warm color to bring your accent ceiling or fifth wall to life. Try a deeper red or pink atop your master bedroom to bring some passion into your room.

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Cool colors can also bring a serene feeling to a room. To bring a calming effect to your closed-in patio that may be filled with windows, keep the trim bright white with a white washed floor and white walls and use a cool sea foam green or baby blue in your ceiling. This can bring the ocean-side feeling to you, even if your hundreds of miles from the nearest ocean.


Another painted ceiling project idea is to bring the accent wall color to the recessed area of your ceiling. We worked with a client in the San Carlos area to bring drama to their front entry. You can see the before and after pictures in our gallery. What started with a dull white entry with beautiful architecture already in place was brought to life with a simple coat of paint. Our crews had the equipment to reach those high ceilings to paint the same accent color in the recessed ceiling to match the color of the walls. The rest of the ceiling remained a bright white. This simple painted ceiling project brought new life into the space and made the area feel rich and sophisticated.


Sophisticated Painted Ceiling Projects

Just like your little black dress brings sophistication to your wardrobe, black can bring that same feeling of upscale attitude to your painted ceiling projects. Now, for this idea, you must be careful. A small room without ample ceiling height can easily be overwhelmed by this bold choice. Deep colors need height to work best. For this to be a successful painted ceiling project you need to have high ceilings and use rich colors with care.


One idea is to paint the recessed area of your ceiling a deep color like black or cocoa while adding a complimentary neutral to the rest of the ceiling. You could also use this technique to create the look of a recessed ceiling. The rich color will give the illusion that it’s recessed when in actuality it’s not. Another idea for richer painted ceiling projects is to use the darkest shade on your color swatch for your high ceiling while painting the walls one of the lightest shades in that color family. Take charcoal gray for instance. Using a charcoal color on the ceiling brings a modern and glamorous flare to your room.

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Patty M.

Correct Paint to Use

When choosing painted ceiling projects, make sure to purchase or request the correct paint. Most paint producers offer special formulated paint designed for ceilings. Just like the paint you use on your four walls, your fifth wall paint can be tinted to match the color of your choice. This specially formulated paint is usually high flat paint. This helps keep your ceilings from catching light, shimmer, or glare. It also can cover a host of imperfections usually hidden by flat white paint or popcorn ceilings. Yuck.


Some painted ceiling projects will call for an accent color to be used with paint that has a little more sheen so that your eyes are drawn to it. Make sure you understand how it might catch the light from your windows or your fixtures before you start slapping it on your ceilings or you could face disappointment with the whole process and look.


Hire a Pro for Your Painted Ceiling Projects

For the best results, use a professional painting contractor like Romanov Painting for any of your painted ceiling projects. We specialize in any interior and exterior painting needs you have. Our crews know the San Mateo and surrounding areas. With Romanov Painting, our service is your solution.


Your home should be your sanctuary, your safe haven, and be your design statement to family and friends who visit. The walls around your home are a blank canvas for the bold homeowner who might be brave enough to incorporate professional graphic wall art into their décor. It’s not a hard task, but there are some things to consider when selecting whether or not to do the project yourself or if you should hire the perfect painting contractor to bring your vision to life.

If you’ve never been that bold, you may not understand the idea behind professional graphic wall art. Simply stated, professional graphic wall art can be graphic shapes arranged in an eye pleasing way to act as a central focal point in your room. It’s taking the focal wall and expounding on it with a modern twist. You choose the colors that meet your taste and color palate and let the artists go to work. You can choose bold patterns, or subtle shapes to layer in color and design. Your taste and preferences shape the intensity of your professional graphic wall art although with an artist on hand, you might feel a little more bold than usual. If you’re brave, you might want to do this kind of project yourself, but you need to be aware of the complexity of professional graphic wall art.

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Ethan Hein 

Consider the Math

Selecting a painting contractor to bring your professional graphic wall art to life is a critical decision. You may have done well in high school math class, but mapping out the mathematics in your design can be frustrating to the novice mathematician. If you hire a painting contractor, they might have a few tricks up his or her sleeve that can assist in banging out the math that will help your professional graphic wall art sit perfectly in line in your living room. There will be a lot of measuring, drawing, designing, and sketching before the first drop of paint is brushed onto any surface. If you do this kind of project on your own, get ready to do a lot of sketching and erasing.

Your painting contractor can also give you ideas that might expand on your existing plans. While you’ve probably already done your research online and in designer magazines for ideas on what you might like in your own home, your contractor might be able to point you to their portfolio, or past work, so you get an idea of what this life size professional graphic wall art feels like when you’re standing right in front of it. Looking over a second set of ideas could bring even more clarity to your own vision that will really translate into professional graphic wall art that pops right off your walls and will be ready to dazzle any art critic that might come over for dinner.


Consider the Amount of Work

Professional graphic wall art is a substantial amount of work, even aside from all the mathematical calculations. Once you get your design mapped out and sketched onto your wall or canvas, the fun, and the hard work, begins. This is the critical stage that would be helpful if you had the keen eye of a professional painter on hand. Any artist will tell you how difficult the process of creating can be at times. Professional graphic wall art takes time and perfection if you plan to make a high impact in your room. You need the insight to mix the right colors together so you don’t end up with a muddy color palate.

Once the prep work has been completed, taping will help give you the clean edges needed for your professional graphic wall art. These are the edges of the block or graphic art. If your colors overlap, you will need to have one color painted and left to dry completely before a second color can be added. If not, the tacky paint of the first color can mix with the fresh coat of paint and skew the color. This could give you a murky finished product with patches of dull coloring in those overlapping areas. This will not be as impressive as if you were patient and allowed the first color to completely dry before starting with the second color.

One other punch of impact most professional graphic wall art contains is an outlined design. This isn’t a necessity, but if the technique is used well, an outline in black, or another correlating color, can add significance or that punch you need in your professional graphic wall art. A professional painting contractor will have the steady hand, steady nerves, and tools needed to make an outline dynamic. Sloppy lines can dull and even degrade professional graphic wall art if not corrected.

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Professional Graphic Wall Art Worth the Cost

Given the logistics needed to obtain professional graphic wall art, you might consider a list of pros and cons to weigh the cost of your project. If you’re doing the project on your own, you will certainly save more money than if you hired out the job to a professional. But, will that savings be enough to skew your decision? Depending on the painting contractor you choose, you could pay for the design, or simply for hourly workmanship to get your design completed. Here are a few of the pros and cons of hiring a professional painting contractor to get you started weighing out your decision.



  • Professional Workmanship
  • Detailed Design
  • High Impact Finished Product


  • Hourly Costs
  • Lots of Math Involved
  • Might Have to Call a Professional Anyway

Your list of pros and cons might add up a bit differently. Take a moment and weigh them out before looking for a professional to hire for your professional graphic wall art. It’s the best way to get the finished product you want in the shortest amount of time. You could try doing the project yourself, but you might have to make several attempts. You’ll have to decide if you want your sanity or a professional graphic wall art.

Your home is your blank canvas. It’s a place you can get a little funky to really showcase your style. One of the simple ways some homeowners like to jazz things up is with special effects mixed into their wall coloring. This can be achieved by hiring a professional or even by taking on a do-it-yourself project with the help of glaze. Glaze is more than the warm, sugary icing they drizzle over your favorite donut. Painter’s glaze looks a lot like donut glaze, but it has lasting effects. Well, donut glaze has lasting effects too, but not the good kind. With a little help you can easily incorporate easy glaze wall effects on your own.

Before you jump on the glazing bandwagon, you need to know what it is. Glazing is a product, but it’s also a technique. The very non-technical description is that it looks and acts almost like a thinned glue. You can tint it with color to help you etch designs into a bas color you’ve already applied to your wall. The application tools you use can help you in the style that you add to your creation. Rags, bags, combs, and even sponges give you easy glaze wall effects in a wide range of looks. One of the best parts of glazing is that you don’t have to be a professional to do it. If you mess up or don’t like how a section looks, you can simply wipe away or paint over the area and begin again.

 7523576366 140e4ce753 Amazing Glaze! Easy Glaze Wall Effects Sean Rogers

Where to Begin

To begin your project, you need to determine whether you want to hire a professional painting contractor to get the easy glaze wall effects you desire, or if you think you can get the look you want on your own. Hiring a contractor might be a good move if you’re short on time, messy, or lack self-confidence in your painting abilities. If you plan to go it alone and try these easy glaze wall effects on your own, there are a few supplies you need on hand. First, protect your floors and furniture in the rooms you plan to paint. Next, you’ll want to go ahead and paint your base coat at least 24 hours before you plan to glaze. This gives your base coat plenty of time to dry. If the base coat is not properly dry, your glazing effect will mix with the base coat and come out murky and unattractive.


Simple Steps to Achieve Amazing Glaze

One you have your base coat completed, it’s time to get on with the easy glaze wall effects. Here are a few simple steps to follow:

  1. Mix your glaze with a tint or color. You can use some of your base coat paint, a shade lighter or darker than your base coat, or even a contrasting color. Be careful with a contrasting color. It could be too heavy and create more of a distraction than the effect you want. You’ll want to add about one-fourth part color to three-four parts glaze.
  2. Check the consistency of the glaze. You want to make sure it’s not too thick. Your tinted glaze can be thinned with a little bit of water.
  3. Brush your glaze onto the wall. Make sure you work with a small portion of the wall at a time. Brush on the glaze and then work it with your application tools. Make sure you keep the paint wet as you go along so there isn’t a noticeable seam where you’ve joined a dry patch of glazed wall with wet.

Those steps sound simple enough to create easy glaze wall effects, but if you’re unsure, hiring a professional painting contractor can help make this process much smoother on you.


Easy Glaze Wall Effects Ideas

Your imagination is your limitation when you think about easy glaze wall effects. You can use just about anything to bring a subtle texture to your walls with glazing. Here are a few examples of popular application tools that give unique looks to your easy glaze wall effects.

 2381407069 4a07e14a20 Amazing Glaze! Easy Glaze Wall Effectscc Amazing Glaze! Easy Glaze Wall Effects the Original Muddog

Sponges: The sponge might have been one of the first “out of the box” application tools novice painters used to bring texture to their walls. Sponges have come a long way and come in different styles, sizes, and textures, in both natural and manmade sponges.

Cheesecloth: The kitchen cloth is now taking on a role in home décor. You can wrinkle cheesecloth, roll it up, or use it like a sponge. All of those applications will yield you different effects.

Paper: Grab one of those old brown paper grocery bags, tear off a side of it, and wad it up like you would to throw it in the garbage. Now, take the wad of paper and dab it in a little tinted glaze and dab it onto your walls in a random pattern.

Plastic Wrap: It’s not just for keeping your salads fresh anymore. Load up a measure of plastic wrap and smear it on your wall to create a look like leather. This also works by using clean rags.

Combs: A newer idea in the easy glaze wall effects arsenal is to use combs. You paint on the glaze and then use a comb to remove clean lines of the glaze. Go straight or use the combs to bring the look of stucco in patterns.

Bubble Wrap: Here’s a fun one! Grab some bubble wrap and let the bubbles paint on perfectly round bubbles of glaze. It’s a fun idea for your child’s room. Just make sure you have lots of self-control. Pop your bubble wrap mid project and you might be in trouble.

The easy glaze wall effects are endless. If you can think it, try it! If you’re looking to be a little creative, just look for patterns in things you have laying around the house. You might happen upon the next big idea in amazing glaze. Professional painting contractors can also help you achieve the look you want in your easy glaze wall effects. While you pay for their services and expertise, a contractor can save you time. Good luck with your project.

Choosing a painting contractor isn’t rocket science, but it can be a tough decision. You have to be careful not to let your fiscal sense overtake your common sense. Going with a pro will certainly cost you more money than if you were to tackle the painting job yourself, but the results are well worth the investment. Some of the reasons you might decide to go with a professional painter might be:

  • Professional Results
  • Need the Job Completed Quickly
  • Your Painting Skills are Lackluster
  • Everything You Touch Breaks or Gets Ruined
  • Don’t Have the Time or Effort to Invest in the Project


Any and all of those reasons can be enough to make anyone want to hire out the painting project. But, how do you go about choosing a painting contractor? Whether you want to paint one room or your whole house, a professional painter can take a lot of stress off your plate. Here are a few tips that will help you sort through the process to find the perfect person or company to meet your every need.

 10073478473 fbf68fb47f Choosing a Painting Contractor

cc Choosing a Painting Contractor Steve Jurvetson

Choosing a Painting Contractor: The Interview

When choosing a painting contractor, don’t be afraid to interview potential contractors. You’re hiring them to complete a task or job so you have total control on the people you choose to be in your home or business. You want to make sure you know and understand the conditions for the project. Start by laying it out in a detailed contract that explains your project from start to finish and everything in between.

One of the most important tasks you face during the interview process is to check the references of the potential contractor. Most legit agencies will offer you contact information to satisfied customers that you can contact and ask. You will also want to check the contractor’s standing with your local better business bureau or permit agency. They might have complaints or liens on file that you need to know about before hiring the company or contractor.

When choosing a painting contractor, make sure you interview multiple companies or people for the job. This can give you a wide range of expertise and personalities to weigh during your decision. This also gives you the opportunity to get multiple quotes from each prospective contractor. The lowest bid may not be the best man or woman for the job. Money matters so make sure you get the whole picture with knowing what each potential contractor would charge for your project. You’ll also want to make sure your project is laid out in writing so the contractor knows what he or she is bidding on. This protects you in the future because you’re able to make sure everything listed in your contract is completed before the final payment is made.

You’ll also want to ask all the right questions when choosing a painting contractor. Along with references and quotes, questions might be the thing that can make or break your relationship with a potential contractor. A few of the tough questions you need to know before hiring are:

  • Company or Contractor Insurance
  • Licensing
  • Permits
  • Extra Fees
  • Expected Timeline
  • Warranty
  • Working Hours

 5532390715 c89a7e39e8 Choosing a Painting Contractorcc Choosing a Painting Contractor Håkan Dahlström

Choosing a Painting Contractor: Payment Agreements

One of the biggest fights a homeowner can come to blows over with their contractor many times centers on money. Bad contractors can do half a job and run out on the homeowner leaving them feeling violated. Homeowners can pick a project to death and waste a contractor’s valuable time keeping payment for the job hostage until every demand is met. Neither scenario will help people have a good experience. When choosing a painting contractor, you have to have a little bit of faith in the person or company you hire. One of the easiest ways to keep the faith for both parties is to enter into the payment agreement with open and plainly stated benchmarks or milestones. That way everyone involved knows what is expected before the next installment is paid.

Here’s a tip you should follow when choosing a painting contractor. Never pay in cash. It’s safer for you and it’s safer for the contractor accepting the payment. Cash is easily lost or stolen. It’s also not as easy to track. If you were to have a problem with the contractor, proving you paid them in cash is almost impossible to do. If you write your contractor a check, the bank helps you follow the money trail if needed.

Another tip when choosing a painting contractor, never pay more than 10% down. You may be asked to make a deposit on services rendered. That’s good business practices in almost every business, but you should never pay in full up front. Ten percent is a fair down payment and it can help the contractor purchase the painting supplies he or she needs to start the job. Make sure your contract lists those benchmarks we talked about when paying in installment payments.

Make sure you keep all records of payment when choosing a painting contractor. It protects you and it protects your contractor. If they’re juggling multiple jobs, it’s easy to lose track of who’s paid what in what time frame. Your records can keep all parties straight.

Finally, make the final payment in a timely manner only when you’re satisfied with the job that’s been done. Remember those questions and project milestones you wrote into the contract? This can be your save grace if you need a do-over of some of all of the work. Make sure you’re fair while choosing a painting contractor. You want to be a fair employer. You also want to make sure you get what you’ve asked for and what you’re paying for from the workers.

Choosing a painting contractor can be a fun process if you follow the advice we’ve listed. It can also be a disaster if you veer off course and hire without the proper interview and contract in hand before the work begins. Painting your home or office doesn’t have to be stressful if you find the perfect painters who professional get the job done.


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