If you’re looking to give your home’s main living room a makeover, some of the world’s top designers have compiled a list of the trendiest colors being used in homes around the world today. You might want to glean some painting ideas for living room off of list of the hottest colors being used today. There doesn’t seem to be one side of the color wheel that’s better featured in the trends. Muted, bold, vibrant, and neutral are all favorites. But homeowners these days seem to be taking more risks when it comes to painting ideas for living room. 

Trending Colors in Painting Ideas for Living Room

Mediterranean Blue – This vibrant blue is more than a picturesque ocean blue you might think of when you hear it’s inspired by the Mediterranean. Even though blues are earthy and cool tones, this vibrant blue brings the heat. Make sure you don’t over use it though. Adding too much of an intense color can make the space feel closed in and small.

60’s Revived – Yes, shag carpeting has come and gone again since the 1960’s, but the color palette from that era is making a comeback with an updated style. Now, please don’t run out and fill your kitchen with pea green appliances of yester-year, but you might be able to get a few painting ideas for living room with the olive greens and oranges from this grouping.

Sour Green and Blue – This one doesn’t sound all that classy to the ear, but when the eyes can see these two colors paired together, you’ll get it. Vibrant blues are big this year and this royal favorite updated with the sour green. Using these two colors together to accent a room will really bring in a classic pop of color.

All Things Pastels – Pastels have long been a popular in the painting ideas for living room area. Muted and lighter colors on your walls can make any room feel more open and inviting. Mixing up the pastel palette can really bring in some layers to the space and make it more interesting.

Grey – Don’t underestimate the power of neutral grey. This modern color is the perfect idea to brighten, lighten, and update a space. Pair it with a soft yellow or a bold red or blue and you bright real personality to your room.

Neutral Living Room in Painting Ideas for Living Room

Olive Green – Olive green falls into that 1960’s category that we talked about earlier, but it’s also strong enough to stand on its own. With one of the more popular painting ideas for living room color, you can focus in on a focal wall or aspect of your room with this trendy color.

Anything Bold – If you have a big personality, than your room can scream it with big and bold painting colors and patterns. Anything goes in this painting idea for the living room. Mix and match your favorite bold colors and use textures and patterns in your furniture and accent pillows to crank things up a notch.

Bright Red Living Room in Painting Ideas for Living Room

Warm Tones – If you’re more of a traditionalist, warmer tones might be your favorite trend of the year. One designer called these “muddy colors” but don’t let that stop you. Nothing about these colors murky up your space. In fact, using the right mix, you could create yourself a designer’s masterpiece.

Complementary Colors – Finally, choosing two colors that compliment can be the perfect answer to your painting ideas for living room. Paired together, black, white, grey, with a pop of red can really create an elegant space.

Trends to Ditch in Painting Ideas for Living Room

Along with trend setting painting ideas for living room, there are some trends that have run their course. These top designers say these applications are no longer current and in demand by the mass population. Here’s the thing. If you love your home and plan on staying in it for a while, do what you will to the inside. It’s not going to hurt anything. In fact, it will make you happier. But, if you plan on selling in the near future and want to update your décor to attract potential buyers, you will want to steer clear of the following:

Faux Finishes – These amazing techniques can give the illusion that you have leather, an expensive glaze treatment, or a plaster effect on your walls. Many times this is just the manipulation of paint that brings the appearance. Depending on the style and expertise of the painter, a faux finish could get costly.

Wallpaper – Wallpaper might have gone out of style with the big hair of the 1990’s. There are still homes today plagued with this sticky style. If your walls are so poorly textured that wallpaper may be your only salvation, you might want to consider applying a textured paintable wallpaper. This will help keep the busyness down while hiding your wall’s imperfections.

Two Tones – Remember when that chair rail used to cut your room in half? A lot of home grown stylists would take that opportunity to introduce another color to the room. Whether it was a darker shade of the top color, or a different color all together, it was simply wrong. The two tone trend is now toppled.

Expertise Matters in Painting Ideas for Living Room

No matter what painting ideas for living room you are toying with, the expertise of your project matters. You have a couple of options to consider:

Do It Yourself – How well do you trust yourself or your friends? Many people just want to slap some paint on the walls so they’ll throw a “painting party.” They’ll provide the booze while their buzzed friends paint their home. This can be disastrous. If you’re a seasoned do it yourself-er, then painting your living room may not be a big mountain to climb for you. If you’re not so sure, you might want to consider option number two.

Hire a Pro – While professionals are paid for their time, they are also paid for their professionalism and expertise. Hiring a pro might just be your best painting ideas for living room yet. For the price, you get to pick the color and then sit back and relax while someone else does the hard work.

We’re talking about your basement. It’s that forgotten dungeon of a room under ground where no one is brave enough to go these days. Today, however, many homeowners are finding added space by finishing out their basement area to create family rooms, play rooms for young and old, and even additional living quarters. We’re sharing some painting ideas for your basement that will help you do the same and add valuable living space that can help increase the value of your home.

Painting Ideas for your Basement

When you start to compile painting ideas for your basement, there are a few important aspects to consider. You should ask yourself some important questions:

  • How will my family use the space?
  • What kind of space will add the most value to my home?
  • How much is my renovation budget?
  • How soon do I want to sell my home?

The answers to those four questions will really narrow down the painting ideas for your basement, but they shouldn’t limit your imagination. Let’s go over them one by one.

1. Determine the Use of Space

Our first question when looking for painting ideas for your basement is, “How will my family use the space?” There are tons of ideas here. Some of the most popular uses of basement space are:

  • Additional Living Quarters/Rental Apartment
  • Play Room
  • Family Room
  • TV Room
  • Entertainment Area

By determining the use of your space, you can better find those painting ideas for your basement because color and texture will all come down to how the space will be used. Although it’s a good idea to keep your remodel versatile, don’t be afraid of letting the use of space dictate how you decorate.

Basement Used as Playroom in Painting Ideas for Your Basement

2. Adding Value to Your Home

Some basement renovations will automatically increase the value of your home because potential buyers will also see value. Other less popular basement plans, not so much. If you were to use these painting ideas for your basement and turn your basement into an entertainment area with a bar and big screen TV, there will probably be buyers who see that value and will be more apt to put in an offer on your home. But, if you’re looking to start an in-home daycare and you use daycare painting ideas for your basement, such as bright walls and circus decals and playpens in every corner, that renovation will not likely appeal to many potential buyers. That’s because they see a lot of work in their future if they were to buy your home. You just have to weigh the pros and cons of functionality and resell.

3. Stay on Budget

When looking for painting ideas for your basement, it’s important to stay on budget. Before you begin, make sure you have a clear budget with cash on hand to get you through the entire renovation. If not, it’s easy to go thousands of dollars over what you intended on spending. Painting ideas for your basement don’t have to break the bank.

4. Selling Your Home

Finally answer the question, “How soon do I plan to sell my home?” The answer could really have a bigger impact on your painting ideas for your basement. That’s because you won’t need to think about how you might use the space, but instead how the majority of potential buyers will use the space. If you’re planning on selling your home soon, neutral painting ideas for your basement might be the best option for you to take.

Keep it Light and Bright

Now, let’s dig a little deeper into painting ideas for your basement. If you ask the experts, they will tell you to keep things light and bright. That’s because, as we mentioned earlier, your basement is already underground and dark. If you have access to natural light, you’re lucky. Chances are, you have small windows sitting towards the top of your walls, which reach just above the ground. Keeping a cool color palette when looking for painting ideas for your basement will help the space feel open and large. Many basement spaces are actually large because the space is an open footprint of your home above. There aren’t walls to close things in. Add walls with purpose and caution. An open concept will really help you keep your basement functional. Cool neutrals, light blues, and greens will give a natural feel to the space.

Basement Painted Soft Pink in Painting Ideas for your Basement

Maintain Your Focus with a Focal Wall

Even if you keep your new basement space light and bright, it will help to maintain focus on a focal wall or feature. This could be a fireplace with natural stone, built in bookshelves with a splash of rich color or even accent colors used with purpose. Here are a few painting ideas for your basement:

  • Built-in Bookshelves – Paint the actual shelves in bright white to highlight the feature while using your accent, bold, or rich color on the interior back facing of the shelves. Depending on the lighting, placement and density of the books you store, and the accent pieces, you choose how much bold color to shine through.
  • Fireplace Masterpiece – You could opt for a bold choice of artwork to hang over the basement fireplace to bring in a few of your favorite rich colors without over using these colors in your space. You don’t even have to pay for an expensive piece. Just buy a blank canvas in the size of your choice at your local craft store and make it a fun family art piece.
  • Pops of Color – You see the professional designers pull it off all the time on TV. What might be showcased as a bland room full of natural colors and hues, but add pops of colors in accent pillows, art pieces, and sculptures and you now have a happening place.

Painting ideas for your basement don’t have to be boring. Long gone are the days of flannel and paneling in your dreary basement. Today’s underground spaces are full of harmony and happiness thanks to bright and cherry remodels. Don’t forget about the value you could add to your home when you pull off a well-planned makeover.


You may watch them all the time on TV. Those DIY’ers, better known as do it yourselfers, take on seemingly impossible tasks and make it look easy, and sometimes disastrous. So, how do beginners break into the do it yourself scene? Well, it takes a well thought out project and a little know-how. We thought painting might be a good start. We’re here to zero in on painting ideas for beginners; to help you look like the pros even if it’s the first time you’ve picked up a roller or a paintbrush.

Painting Ideas for Beginners

The first word of advice is to do your research before you leave home. If you ask for assistance at your local home improvement or paint store, the associate might be a little more interested in loading up your cart with unnecessary equipment rather than truly helping you. Reading this article is a great start to find some painting ideas for beginners. First, know the project you’re about to tackle. With a painting project, it’s important to know how much and which kind of paint, along with what sort of supplies you might need.

Should you use primer or just go for color on the walls? In looking online for painting advice, you can find a host of knowledge and advice. When it comes to using primer, the answer is almost always a resounding yes. So, put primer on your list. If you’re covering a bright color or painting over patterned wallpaper, you may need more than one coat to get you the clean slate you desire. Painting ideas for beginners can feel like a daunting task, but it’s important to know your own limits. If the project you want to do feels like too much, then try something a little less involved. You may eventually work up to painting the deck, bedroom, or outside shutters. Until you feel comfortable with a paintbrush or roller, it might be best to leave those projects unfinished or hire a professional to finish them up.

Advice from the Pros for Painting Ideas for Beginners

We did a little research for you to get the top advice from the online painting pros. If you type in painting ideas for beginners, you’ll get a whole list of advice for home and artistic painting projects. Let us muddle through the list for you. Here are some of the top pieces of advice we found helpful for painting ideas for beginners:

Try Samples First. This is a great idea! Most stores offer small pint sized cans of mixed paint. This allows you to take it home and test it on the wall or in the room to see if you really like it. You wouldn’t believe the difference a paint sample will make. Imagine going all out before trying a new color and after all your hard work and effort, you discover you hate the color. Sure, colors look great in the store, but it can be a completely different story when your Grandma’s picture is hanging on it at home. This is one of those painting ideas for beginners that should be followed.

Collection of Paint Samples in Painting Ideas for Beginners

Prepping the Area is Key to Success. Here’s another piece of advice from the pros that really makes sense. We warned you about unnecessary equipment before, but prepping projects help make your life a little easier and your project come out cleaner. Prepping the room before you paint consists of using painters’ tape to tape off baseboards, and molding. This way, you don’t get your new color all over trim. If you’re updating your trim color or giving those doors and windows a new coat of trim paint, you may also want to remove things like door knobs, handles, and hinges. When you get sloppy and paint over the hardware, it can leave your whole room looking and feeling sloppy. Taking a few minutes to remove hardware can save you a lot of time and money. To incorporate painting ideas for beginners doesn’t mean less work, but rather more professional results.

Combine Gallons for Consistency. This applies to larger projects that may take multiple gallons of paint. We see this all the time. You order three gallons of the very same color, bought at the same time, and mixed by the same paint technician. Yet, when you finish one gallon and start another on the same wall, you can see just a hint of difference in the color or texture. That’s because mixing paint is an inexact science. There’s just no way to get the same texture and consistency in the color from one gallon to another. Most paint stores or brands won’t even guarantee that either. So, one of the most helpful painting ideas for beginners and tips from the pros is to mix all those gallons of paint together in a large bucket first. This brings the uniformity in the color and consistency before you start painting. Then, you can dump the leftovers in an empty paint can and use it for touch ups in the future.

Paint on Walls in Painting Ideas for Beginners

Perfect Beginner Projects for Painting Ideas for Beginners

So let’s look at some perfect projects for the beginner painter. These are just your size. And once you get your feet wet in this do it yourself world, you can move on to larger projects around your home or office.

Art Project. Now, this may sound like child’s play, but an art project is more than just painting by numbers. One of the many great painting ideas for beginners is to put a little piece of yourself or your taste to canvas and hang it on the wall. Maybe you like clean and modern lines. Maybe you like a rustic feel painted on old barn wood. Whatever your taste, make it your own.

Accent Wall. If art isn’t your thing, try painting an accent wall in your home. This can be a wall that you want the most focus on in your living or main room. You can also paint an accent wall in your kitchen to set it apart.

Small Pantry or Bath. Painting ideas for beginners doesn’t limit you to the important rooms of your home. Painting your pantry, walk-in closet, or a small bathroom can bring new appreciation for the space. It’s also a great starting point for beginners.

These painting ideas for beginners should get you started on the right road to a new home, at least a newly decorated home. If you were to find yourself in trouble while trying your hand at painting, you can always call in a professional. Don’t be afraid to hire someone with experience to come in and help or give advice on how to make the job even better.

When you’re expecting a new baby, you spend months planning and preparing for his or her arrival. You decorate the nursery with sweet promises of what your baby will like, and envision their sweet hands playing with all the beautiful things you and your family and friends have purchased. After the baby comes, you soon realize that he or she has a personality all of their own. When it’s time to bump up the baby into the toddler phase, you can take a little more of their likes to heart when you ditch the crib and switch over to a toddler bed. Most parents have to sell that idea to the babies as a “big girl” or “big boy” or “big kid” bed. Change isn’t something a toddler is used to. So when it’s time to make that transition, make it a change for the whole room that better reflects your growing child. We’ve compiled some things to think about when searching for painting ideas for toddlers.

Painting Ideas for Toddlers

Here’s what’s trending when it comes to painting ideas for toddlers. Since your baby is growing and learning, this new bedroom can stimulate their creativity and curiosity for all things educational. Parents are willing to go to extremes to build a bedroom that will open up their child’s imagination. Here are a few of the trending favorites.

Princess – Search the internet for painting ideas for toddlers and you’ll find a host of pictures from princess rooms painted all over the world. Slathered in pink, these bedrooms will make any little girl feel like royalty.

Storybook – Another fun trend is a fairytale room or a bedroom you might expect to see from your favorite storybook characters. This can include a pirate room or a jungle room.

Outer Space – These toddler rooms are out of this world. They’re cool, they’re black and metallic and many showcase glow in the dark features.

Whatever painting ideas for toddlers you decide, make sure they’re fun and will make playtime fun and inspiring.

Color Psychology for Painting Ideas for Toddlers

Scientists have taken painting ideas for toddlers and studied them to see how a child responds to different colors. It may sound a little strange, but colors, sights, and smells can evoke reactions even in the youngest person. Some reactions may keep them up at night while others soothe them off to sleep. It’s important to really think through the colors and their impact on your child when researching painting ideas for toddlers.

Researchers says that warm colors, such as red, orange, and yellow are best used in moderation. Even though they can stimulate the mind and have an energizing effect on the body, but that same effect could prove difficult to get the brain shut down at night for bedtime. Here’s a breakdown of warm colors and how they stimulate a young mind. This information could prove helpful when looking for painting ideas for toddlers.

Reds Used Sparingly in Painting Ideas for Toddlers

Red – Red excites and energizes the body, increasing heart rate, blood pressure and respiration. Some studies suggest that the color red increases athletic ability. However, red is also associated with increased aggression, an inability to focus – which could impact their education and even causes headaches.

Pink – Pink evokes empathy and femininity and creates a calming atmosphere. However, despite an initial calming effect, pink can become irritating over time, leading to agitation and anxiety.

Yellow – While yellow is associated with happiness and motivation, brighter shades can stimulate the memory and increases metabolism. Too much yellow can evoke feelings of anger and frustration resulting in fussy, over-stimulated toddlers. Something to think about when looking for painting ideas for toddlers.

Orange – Orange has a distinctly social nature, inspiring communication and putting people at ease. Like yellow, too much orange can be over-stimulating so use bold shades sparingly.

On the other side of the color wheel are the cooler colors that have more of a calming effect. When looking at painting ideas for toddlers, keep the cool colors light and bright or the darker colors could bring doom and gloom to your child’s mood.

Blue – Blue calms the mind and body, lowering blood pressure, heart rate and respiration and decreasing feelings of anxiety and aggression. Does your toddler have trouble sleeping? Blue might be just the color to cool them down and get them to sleep.

Purple – Purple is associated with wisdom and spirituality, it combines the stability of blue and the energy of red, taking on the characteristics of either, depending on the shade.

Green – Green symbolizes nature and promotes a serene and calming environment. It’s also associated with health, healing and wellbeing. Green cans also reduce anxiety and promote concentration.

Feng Shui Psychology for Toddlers

If color psychology doesn’t help you in your search for painting ideas for toddlers, than maybe toddler Feng Shui will do the trick. Feng Shui is an ancient art and science developed more than 3,000 years ago in China. It focuses on how your environment impacts your health and mood. From coloring to furniture placement, those who live by Feng Shui swear by it, and also incorporate it into their kid’s rooms. The following is a breakdown to give you an idea on how to incorporate Feng Shui into your toddler’s room.

Fire Element – The fire element brings passion and high energy to area of your toddler’s room that might be used for play time or creativity. These colors include:

  • Red
  • Orange
  • Purple
  • Pink
  • Strong Yellow

Earth Element –The earth element brings nourishment and stability to the area. It also promotes calm and protection so the following colors would be ideal around your toddler’s bed area:

  • Light Yellow
  • Beige or a Skin Color
  • Earthy or Sandy Colors

Soft Yellow Room in Painting Ideas for Toddlers

Metal Element – The metal element promotes clarity and preciseness. It brings the qualities of sharpness, precision and efficiency making a craft or coloring area the perfect place to incorporate the colors of the metal element. These colors include:

  • Gray
  • White

Water Element – The water element brings ease, abundance, and refreshing. This color promotes purity and freshness. Use colors from the water element in your child’s reading area. These colors include:

  • Blue
  • Black

Wood Element – The wood element promotes growth, vitality, and healing. It’s a great element to incorporate into your toddler’s dressing area. Wood element colors include:

  • Brown
  • Green

When looking for painting ideas for toddlers, the sky is the limit. Their new environment moves them from a nurturing environment to one that will promote creativity and spark new interests. Their lives are just beginning so make sure you encourage them by providing them with a world full of color. And make sure to contact Ropainting to have professionals help you with painting your child’s new bedroom.

When you’re looking for painting ideas for kids, the sky is the limit, especially if you choose a theme that incorporates a beautiful skyline into your design. But looking through painting ideas for kids can be overwhelming if you’re not careful. Hopefully, this article will give you a good starting point as you begin your journey of redecorating your child’s bedroom. Let the creativity take hold, relax, and have fun with the process.

Basics for Painting Ideas for Kids

Painting ideas for kids should start with your child’s creativity and interest. Get them involved with the project. They know what they like to do, think about, and enjoy playing during pretend time. Use them as your source for inspiration. You wouldn’t want to choose a “bring in the clowns” theme in a child’s room when the child is terrified of clowns. Come to think of it, that theme might be a little terrifying for any child and adult alike. Start your painting ideas for kids with a few basics.

Color: Start by chatting up your child about their favorite colors. They may name the whole rainbow at first, but dissect the conversation down and you will soon find out they may prefer green over blue. Choose calming colors as your base color. Colors, such as red, might tend to stimulate the mind so having lots of red might make it harder for your little one to calm themselves at night when it’s time for bedtime. Instead, use strategic pops of red for impact.

Shapes: Another idea that allows you to incorporate multiple colors without making the walls too busy is to add large blocks of colors in shapes. You can paint a blocked off area over your child’s desk that will frame a tack board or bulletin board. You can also use shapes of solid colors to frame pictures or art display areas.

Stick-Ons: There are almost endless possibilities to stick-on art available to consumers today. You can order life sized stick-ons online, or find a variety in your local home improvement store. You can even upload your own image, art, or graphic and have them specially printed and delivered to you. This can be an awesome way to personalize your child’s new room and bring those painting ideas for kids to life.

Unicorn Mural in Painting Ideas for Kids

Choose a Theme for Painting Ideas for Kids

Choose a theme for your room and go big with it. While not every child will want a theme to take over their new bedroom, many will love the idea of escaping into a place they normally only see in their imagination. Just by searching the internet for painting ideas for kids, you will find some genius theme ideas. The hard part might be choosing just one, but rest assured, you don’t want to overlap a room with multiple themes. Here is description of a few of the most popular themes for younger children’s bedrooms.

Circus: Take them to the circus! Now, we mentioned a terrifying idea of “bring in the clowns” earlier, but a circus theme is much more fun. You could paint all walls and the ceiling to look like you’re inside the big top tent. You could paint murals along the walls with scenes of wild animals or circus performers. This is one of the favorites when it comes to painting ideas for kids.

Jungle: A jungle themed room really takes your child for a walk on the wild side. You can choose a wall sized picture mural stick-on image from a real life jungle to add to the idea. Use fun furniture pieces and even life sized stuffed animals to help play their part in the jungle.

Princess: Now this is a top pick in painting ideas for kids. What little girl doesn’t want her room to be a castle? Princess theme painting ideas for kids can go from basic pink walls and a princess bed frame to a more elaborate décor. Whatever this little princess’ heart desires, she will feel like the most important girl in the world.

Keep Age in Mind

When you’re looking for painting ideas for kids, think about your child’s age. If they’re about to hit those all important, yet difficult, preteen years, you might want to consider décor that can grow with them as they strive for adulthood. No 13 year old wants their friends to see a comic book fantasy land when they come over for the night. So keep age in mind when you’re searching out painting ideas for kids. Here are a few themes that can grow with your preteens all the way through college.

Map Themed Boy's Room in Painting Ideas for Kids

Musically Inspired: If you have a self-proclaimed band geek in the family, play off their love for music and incorporate it into their bedrooms. Painting ideas for kids reaches far beyond kid play. Mix paint colors with staff and music note stick-ons to create a modern and grown up feeling in the room.

Modern: Again, searching for painting ideas for kids can reveal some pretty cool and modern designs that any preteen or teen would “just die” to have in their bedrooms. A mixture of cool and warm colors incorporated with shapes and accents will really bring this modern feeling to life.

Country Chic: If you have a southern guy or gal at heart, you can bring that passion to life in their bedroom whether you’re home on the range or staring out at the New York skyline. Country chic or rustic is big in the painting ideas for kids category. From rustic barn wood to the use of horseshoes in the design. If your teenager loves horses, farms, or anything to do with nature country chic could be the vey design to keep them home on the weekends.

Painting ideas for kids really is full of anything your mind imagines, heart desires, and hand can paint. One last piece of advice, keep your kids engaged in this process. You’re about to put a lot of work into this redesign and you want them to love it for years to come. Keep them involved. Listen as they tell you what they do and do not like. In the end, your kids will be happy and that is sure to make you happy. And as always, we at Ropainting are here for all your painting needs.


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