A lot of people think that painting in and around your home is an easy do it yourself project. In fact, painting is the number one do-it-yourself projects most homeowners like to try for their first DIY experience. It is the least expensive. If you fail miserably, all this mistake costs is your time and another can of paint. But can just anyone paint like a pro? The answer is no. But just because we want to level the playing field, our experts here at Romonov Painting want to give you some simple tips to help you try to paint like a pro.

Start Strong, Finish Strong to Paint Like A Pro

One of the first things you need to do to paint like a pro is to properly prep the area. If you start strong, you’ll finish strong. The surfaces need to be cleaned and swept free of any dirt, dust, cobwebs, and debris. If you fail to clean the walls and ceilings before you paint, you could end up with partially textured walls. It will not be a good look.

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Some surfaces may need a deeper cleaning than others. In your kitchen, for example, to paint like a pro you may need to use soap, water, and even a degreaser on your walls. Over the years, grease and grime can build up. It may not be visible to the naked eye, but simply running your hand along the walls of your kitchen near your stove may reveal a nasty truth. If this is the area that is in need of a new color or update, and you need to use a cleaning agent, there are a few extra steps to keep in mind if you’re going to paint like a pro. First, clean the area thoroughly. Next, make sure that you rinse away the degreaser or cleaning agent. Finally, let the area dry for several hours, if not for an entire 24 hours. This will allow your new paint or primer to adhere better to the surface and give you a better end result. Now, if you choose to go with a pro, such as Romonov Painting, you can save yourself money by taking care of the prep work yourself before the pros get there.

Don’t Stop.. Painting

Journey’s song, “Don’t Stop Believing” can be transposed to help DIY’s. The lyrics might better be changed to Don’t Stop Painting. To paint like a pro, you need to keep a wet edge until the entire wall or surface is covered. If you walk away, for even a few minutes, your paint edge can dry, leaving you with an uneven surface. It could take extra coats of paint, which can be costly, or even sanding to get an even texture again. Just keep on rolling until you come to a corner. That means you may need to put your phone on vibrate or wait until after lunch before tackling that wall.

If you do, however, decide to leave it to the pros like Romanov Painting, you can rest assured that our crews won’t walk off the job until you’re happy with the end result. No lines, streaks, or uneven textures in your project, unless it’s by design. It’s just another little perk, peace of mind that the job will be done right the first time.

Dessert First?

Many people think of a room’s trim or crown molding as you might as the icing on the cake. And it does add something special to your room, but if the trim is like the dessert to a good meal, you may need to tackle dessert first if you’re going to paint like a pro. Here’s what we mean. A tip that many pros won’t share is that you can get a better finish on your project if you go ahead and tackle the trim work first. Make sure it’s well covered and dry before moving on to the base wall color. Once dry, the trim and crown molding can be taped off so the wall color can be applied. This paint like a pro trick comes in handy if you don’t have a steady hand while painting that tedious trim. Of course, when you hire professional painters, like Romanov Painting, you don’t have to worry about your own steady hand. Our hands come with a satisfaction guarantee.

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Mix It up to Paint Like A Pro

Here’s one more paint like a pro tip. Even if you’re paying a little extra for a custom paint color to be mixed up just for your do-it-yourself project, no two cans of paint will ever be the same color. Are you surprised? Here’s how to get around changing colors in the middle of a large project. Mix it up. While you’re out at your local home improvement store, grab a large bucket, such as a five gallon bucket. Take all the cans of paint you’ve had mixed for the project and mix them together in the larger bucket. This will give you a uniform color for the entire project.

After mixing it up, you can either work from the larger bucket, or dip the color into smaller trays that may be easier to use. If you’re using a paint sprayer, it may require you have a large bucket of paint to draw from, but home paint sprayers are a different kind of animal. That discussion will have to wait for another blog. Although using sprayers is one way professionals can knock out a job quickly with such beautiful results.

The Last Step To Paint Like A Pro

How can you make your DIY project simpler? Well, that’s easy. Just call in the professionals. While we are a business, Romanov Painting strives to be the solution to your home improvement problems. Our crews are skilled and do everything with excellence. That way you don’t have to worry about mismatched paint, sloppy trim work, uneven paint lines, and unintentional textures from unprepared walls. Let us bring your project to life without all the hassles and failed attempts to do it yourself. In the long run, only the professionals can really paint like a pro. Call us today and let our service be your solution.

Looking for a home or business in Redwood City, California? Then you may need a painting

contractor that works in and around the City. In just a few moments you’re going to discover

why this is important and why you just can’t hire any painter from another area.


The majestic city of Redwood sits 14 miles east of the San Francisco Bay Area and is known

for its historical structures; there is little wonder that the historical society is involved with many

renovation projects within the city.


The Redwood City historical society would be the perfect starting place for your investigation

when it comes to finding the perfect painting contractor for your home. If your new home or

business isn’t a historic structure you will still want to get in touch with them anyway because

they will know the best painting contractor in Redwood City.


These painting contractors are the ones that know all about the conditions of the Redwood City

area. They know how the salt in the air eats away at the paint on your home like

termites eat wood. They will be knowledgeable about all that is required for painting your home.


seagulls 300x223 10 Reasons to Hire a Redwood City Painting Contractor


Redwood City, and most of the best painting contractors in the area, is just a twenty seven

minute bicycle ride from the Eden Ecological Reserve, which is a well know sanctuary for

aquatic sea life found only in the area. Keep this in mind for a great weekend outing.


10 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Redwood City Painting Contractor


In this section you’re going to learn the advantages of finding and hiring the right Redwood City

painting contractor for your home or business. You have already discovered one of my best tips

for finding painting contractors in Redwood City California, by talking with the city’s historical



There are many more than 10 reasons why hiring a painting contractor that works most of the

time in Redwood City, to paint your home or place of business. For lack of time because this is a

short article, we’re going to stick to just 10 reasons why you should hire Redwood City painting


1. Familiar with area: When hiring a Redwood City painting contractor, you want the best.

One that is familiar with the city and has good references in and around the town. This

will save time with the many things that need done when it comes to painting your home

or business.


2. Common problems: There are a multitude of problems that can arise from nature and

man. Each city block is a little different from the other. A qualified painting contractor in

Redwood City will know these problems and how to correct them quickly and efficiently.


3. Experience: When it comes to being efficient, experience matters in

painting contractors. First off, you want a Redwood City licensed painting contractor.

Most painters get their expertise from on the job training. This takes years to become

efficient as a painter.


4. Preparation: The Redwood City painting contractor that you hire will be efficient and

spend many hours preparing your home or business before any primer or color goes on

your exterior or touches a wall. Good painting contractors protect your furnishings and

belongings and will either move them to the center of the room or have you remove the

your property before painting begins.


5. Repairs: It is during the preparation of wood and walls that many good painting

contractors will find the problem areas of your home or business, such as cracks in your

home interior trim or old mice and termite tracks in columns that hold up your porches

roof or on the rim joist of your foundation. A good experienced Redwood City painting

contractor will not only know how to fix most problems on textured or painted surfaces, but

can do it more efficiently than hiring a handy man. The right painting contractor will not

only save you time but money as well.


6. Paint and stains: A good Redwood City painting contractor will know the best brand

paint and stain that will stand up to the harsh conditions of living in Redwood City

California, than any other painting contractor from surrounding cities or towns. Just this

knowledge alone can save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars in home cost per

annual. Talk about green.


7. Sealing: Sealing your exterior woods that are painted or stained is important to keeping

the new luster and shine for years to come. This is particularly important for your decks

and porches. A Redwood City painting contractor like paints and stains will know

the proper sealer brand to use for the surface that needs sealed. Especially garage and

basement floors.


8. Metal painting: When it comes to metal material such as trim, columns, awnings, gutters

and doors a professional Redwood City painting contractor will have the experience and

knowledge to know how to prepare metal surfaces and the right paint that will adhere to

metal for years of beauty and elegance. Not to mention, protecting new and older metal

surfaces from rust.


9. Decorative Painting: One skill that can set a painting contractor apart in the City of

Redwood, is decorative painting. Not all painters know how to do this type of detailed

work. Many can add wall paper to accent your home or business place. Many can use

stencils to create a decorative touch to a room.


wallpaint 244x300 10 Reasons to Hire a Redwood City Painting Contractor


10. Then there are those artists that love the challenge of designing a decorative room that

will set your home or business apart from any other. This kind of painting contractor can

be extremely busy in Redwood City, and some contractors will have a decorative painter

on staff. Be prepared before hiring your Redwood City painting contractor to include

decorative painting to their bid.


Now you know why hiring a Redwood City painting contractor is as important as making sure

you have permits in place before any painting or renovation process begins.

This leads to one more point. Most good Redwood City Painting contractor will include permits

as part of their bid.


Thank you for reading this article on Redwood City painting contractor.

When you hire a professional, in any kind of business, you should know up front about the painting company policy and procedures. Why? These procedures directly impact your home or property and how you’re able to live in it during renovations. A good company will explain their policies up front so you know what to expect during the project. It’s part peace of mind and part of good business procedures that the professional should make a priority to share with you.

At first glace, you might think these are worthless details that you don’t need to know or agree to, but on the contrary, they directly impact you. It’s in your best interest to be “in the know” before the project is set to begin. Many times these painting company policy and procedures are spelled out in the fine print on your contract. See there. Here’s another good reason to read the fine print in your contract before you sign it.


The Difference in Painting Company Policy and Procedures

When determining the painting company policy and procedures, you need to know the difference between the two descriptions. They are actually very different and hold different kinds of values to you. Both are valuable yet possess very different values. You should know about the painting company policy and procedures of the firm or business you choose to hire. Most companies are pretty upfront about their procedures, but if you aren’t told the painting company policy and procedures you should ask for them in writing. Now that you understand how important they are to have, here’s a quick look at the big difference in the two.

Policies: Company policies are the rules set in place by the leadership of the company. If you hire a smaller company, say a lead contractor and his or her crew, then it’s likely that lead contractor will set the policies. If you were to hire a larger company with hundreds of employees, the painting company policy and procedures would have been written by leadership that you may never come in personal contact with during your project. We mention it because sometimes you may question the workers on the project about why they do or do not do certain things. If they quote a company policy as the reason, you can understand how to find out if that is indeed the case. These policies are the standards the company sets as a whole. Policies dictate how the company does business and how they treat their clients or customers. These are rules on how each job should be handled and how every conflict is resolved if one were to arise.

Procedures: A company’s list of procedures is the step by step process by which the policies are enforced, maintained, and achieved. This information is vital for homeowners, especially when talking about a painting project in or around your home, because you need to know what to expect when it’s time for the job to begin. Do you move the furniture yourself or will the crew move it for you? Those are the kind of questions that are answered when you better understand a company’s procedures. This is how a painting company policy and procedures impacts your job or project.


Romanov Painting Policies

The first thing you should know about working with Romanov Painting is that we are locally owned and operated. In fact, our fearless leader has years of experience in the trenches, on the scaffolding, and hanging from great heights to get the painting job done, and he’s still doing it today. Our painting company policy and procedures are simple. Our company policy, the word that we live by on every job is this: “Our service is your solution.” We mean it. We pride ourselves on our customer service. No matter what kind of challenge you would like to throw at us, we want you to feel comfortable in our knowledge and expertise. A Romanov representative will discuss the project with you at great length to make sure we understand your desires and the end result you want. We might also make suggestions to add that little something special to the project if you’re open to it. Bottom line, the Romanov policy boils down to customer satisfaction. This is evident in our customer reviews you can read on our website.

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Romanov Painting Procedures

The Romanov painting company policy and procedures include simple touches that make you happy and life a little easier. First, think about furniture placement. If we’re painting indoors, we will move your furniture into the center of the room and cover it to ensure no damage is done. We will cover your floors so no overspray or paint splatter will harm your hardwoods, tile, or carpet.


Our painters are professional, and you’ll know it when they’re finished. We mask off trim, frames, and light switches to leave behind a clean line of fresh paint. If needed, we will remove items, such as doorknobs and switch and socket plates and return them after the paint dries. Before beginning, we search the area for imperfections that might need to be smoothed or spackled so you have a beautiful finish when we’re done.


Special Services

Our painting company policy and procedures also call for a little something special if the customer requires it. One of the most popular special services we provide focuses on beauty while being friendly to the environment.

Eco-Friendly or Green Painting: If you’re concerned about how your renovation will impact the environment, our crews can work with you. We offer access to special paints that are chemical free. These paints are VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) free and won’t leave Mother Nature in a lurch. These paints are safer for the environment, your home, and your family.

14785194092 1db5a9c661 o 300x223 Painting Company Policy and Procedures


Our painting company policy and procedures focus on you, our customers and clients. It’s our job to strive to make you happy with each brushstroke. And because we’ve been painting for so long, we have the expertise to help us achieve this goal. So when you’re ready for a professional painter, give Romanov Painting a call. After all, our service is your solution.

Your time is too valuable to waste precious moments with less than qualified people when you’re paying them to complete a task. This is especially true when you hire a company to work in and around your home. When you need a painting project completed, one of the important things you need to ask about is the painting company quality policy. Now, you may think this makes you sound like a stickler, but it’s fine to require the best of the best when you invite a company into your home. Knowing and understanding the painting company quality policy will help you formulate expectations for your project and from the company you hire.


When you’re looking at the painting company quality policy, it helps to know what the word quality means. Quality is defined as, “the standard of something as measured against other things of a similar kind, or the degree of excellence of something.” It should set a company, business, or contractor apart from the rest. If you’re going to invite someone to work in or around your home, would you not want the best of the best? Of course you do! That’s why it’s important to ask about the policies already in place, so you can better read the standards the company follows.


Painting Company Quality Policy – Starts at the Top


It’s simple. Leadership always sets the tone of quality for the rest of the company. If a leader doesn’t maintain focus or care for excellence, his or her team will also let it slide. But, if you find a company headed by a focused, driven, and passionate man or woman who knows the value of quality within the team, you can be assured your project will be completed with excellence. From insurance salesmen, used cars, or painters, you need to find someone who upholds high standards when it comes to the painting company quality policy.


How do you know? It all starts with the interview. As you make the hire for your renovation, you get the chance to interview prospective contractors. You can ask them about their painting company quality policy. Ask about their experience and the experience of those on their team. Ask questions about timeline and procedures. Someone with painting company quality policy will be able to answer these questions with ease. And, never underestimate your gut. If you have a good or bad feeling about the person you interview with, make a note of it. Your gut feeling could make or break your relationship with that service.


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Painting Company Quality Policy – Means Quality Materials


A good painting company quality policy also means good quality materials are used. When high standards in materials are used to paint in and around your home, you can see the difference. Brushstrokes are invisible, paint lines are crisp, and odors are limited. An example of poor quality materials can often be found crusted over in your newly painted wall. Blemishes can be easily spotted, or paintbrush bristles are left to dry in your new paint job.


How do your know? Some clients have a standard they choose to keep so they will ask the contractor, at the time the contract is signed and price is agreed upon, to use specific higher grade materials. Ask to see the supply list if you’re ever in doubt. Not all contractors will share the supply list or invoices with you, but if you’ve requested specific materials, it’s okay to ask for verification.


Painting Company Quality Policy – Hires Quality People


Asking a company about their employees may seem a little intrusive, but not every business comes into your home. Painters, however, do come inside your home and work so it’s important you feel comfortable with the crew they’ve hired for your job. A good painting company quality policy includes excellence in hiring practices. This means a company sets out to hire experienced painters, not just high school kids out for summer break. No offense to high school kids, but how many years of experience could they possibly rack up in their short lives? Not much. So you want to know that skilled hands will handle your project. Asking about the painting company quality policy includes asking about the men and women they will send to your home.


How do you know? It’s okay to ask your contact about the people they’ve hired to be on the job site. What are their hiring policies? You may not be able to get all your questions answered, but you should be given some peace of mind. While you may not be able to do background checks on everyone who will work on the crew, the lead on your project should be able to assure you about the company’s hiring policies. If you have small children at home and feel uncomfortable about lots of people going in and out of your house during the renovation, you might feel better sending the kids to the babysitter’s house. That way you know where they are at all times and you can focus on the task at hand.

4695020138 0fdfa80a56 o 300x300 Painting Company Quality Policy


Your painting company quality policy should uphold a standard of excellence that spans from the top all the way to the bottom level of employees. This policy should require only quality materials be used in every job the company takes on. Your painting company quality policy should also be in place so that only the most experienced personnel are hired.  And once all these things are in place, the painting company quality policy is a successful part of a good growing company.


At Romanov Painting, our painting company quality policy is based around you, our client. Our motto is, “Our service is your solution.”  Our leadership sets a tone of excellence and it trickles down the ranks. We use quality materials and hire top notch people. At Romanov Painting, we stake our reputation on the testimonials of satisfied customers. Make sure you read through them on our website so you can hear first hand about the experiences other customers have with Romanov Painting.

Decorating your home is more than buying new furniture or splashing new art on the walls. Any novice designer can bring individuality to a room with the right mix of paint, furnishing, and flooring. Many times, homeowners don’t know how to use bold paint colors. It’s a universal problem. Do it right and you’ll wow all your friends and family. Do it wrong and you could end up the laughing stock of the neighborhood. So where’s the fine line between tasteful and tacky? It’s all about how to use bold paint colors. Here are some useful tips on how to use bold paint colors to bring a new and exciting look to any room in your home.

Tip #1: Check the mood of the color. When learning how to use bold paint colors, you’ll find that every color brings a mood with it. Cool blues bring a sense of calm and relaxation while warmer reds bring passion and heat and sunny yellows bring happiness. What’s the mood you want to set in the room? Some experts warn against using a heated tone like red in the bedroom because it could disrupt your sleep patterns. Others encourage it if you’d rather use that room for passion noting that it can breathe fire back into your relationship.


Try Something New with Bold Paint Colors

Tip #2: Use the contrast. If you’re painting your walls or ceiling a bright or rich color, make sure your furnishings, upholstery, or flooring remain neutral tones. If you have competing colors in patterns on your sofa pillow or area rug, your bright colors on the walls could actually muddy the waters instead of bringing the drama you wanted. When learning how to use bold paint colors, try imagining you have a beige sofa and you decide to paint an olive green on the walls. The pair can pop with a clean contrast and offer you the attention you desire.

183454010 ee4ac2a2e6 How To Use Bold Paint Colors Catalina Olavarria


Tip #3: Never underestimate the power of an accent wall. Learning how to use bold paint colors means learning the different functions of bold colors. A really rich color can pop by using only one accent wall, or painted recessed nook. Bold doesn’t have to cover square footage. If you have a stand alone wall with a focal point that’s not your biggest focus, a strong color choice on that one wall can change the whole dynamics of your room. And, if it doesn’t work as an accent wall, you can always break out the paint again and finish the rest of the room in the same strong color or lighter shades from the same color family.

Tip #4: Don’t be afraid to try before you buy. If you’re nervous about painting a bold color on your wall, give it an honest try before totally committing to the idea. When learning how to use bold paint colors, try painting a large piece of cardboard and hang it on the wall in order to help you get the feel of how the color compliments the room. Or maybe you’re ready to semi-commit and painting a larger area of the wall itself. Just know that primer and paint will be your next project whether you like the color or not.


Don’t Be Afraid to Be Bold With Bold Paint Colors

Tip #5: Go big or go home. Maybe you’re in a transition in your life or maybe you just love color. Mixing strong walls with even stronger furniture could spell disaster for novice interior decorators, or it could scream brilliance if you can somehow figure out how to pull it off. When learning how to use bold paint colors, you’ll be warned not to overdo your color palette, but there’s something to be said for a room that’s so rich in strong colors that it punches you in the face. If your personality is “go big or go home,” you might consider hiring a professional decorator to help guide you into the right direction on the color wheel and then go for it.

Tip #6: Use rich colors to highlight architectural details. If you’re blessed with great details in your historic home or newer details added through recessed features or fancy trim, color can really help those perks stand out and get the recognition they deserve. When learning how to use bold paint colors, you’ll find that your eye is drawn to color. Adding a bright color to a recessed nook or a built in ceiling will draw attention. You could also use bolder colors to paint in details framed in fancy trim work or vice versa. Instead, paint the walls a rich color while leaving the trim a bright white or lighter neutral color.

5986280011 d2491bf5ff How To Use Bold Paint Colors Eric Allix Rogers

These are just a few tips on how to use bold paint colors in both large and small spaces in your home. One misconception is that rich colors will close in a space and made a tiny room feel smaller. Interior designers say the opposite is true. Bold colors actually recess and make the room feel larger. If painted on the ceiling, bold colors can make it feel taller because of the optical illusion.

One word of caution. If you’re planning on using bold colors with a mixture of more neutrals to create a pattern or graphic shape, make sure you invest in good tape. Richer colors are harder to mask if they bleed under inexpensive tape. You could spend lots of time re-taping and repainting your project in order to create the cleaner look you might want.


Hire the Experts In Bold Paint Colors

To ensure you don’t waste your precious time, you could simply hire a team of professional painters, like the ones we have here at Romanov Painting. Our services are your solution to any painting need either big or small. We specialize in exterior and interior painting solutions and can help you learn how to use bold paint colors with ease. Instead of spending your time worrying over the details of prepping, painting, and cleaning up your project, let Romanov Painting to the dirty work. Just pick your color and let us get the job done.


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