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Commercial painting contractors are companies that are, in most cases, privately owned and carry out jobs ranging from large to medium scale with painting contracts in the commercial industries and large scale firms. The contractors get their big jobs from both the government and the private sector and this includes apartment developments, shopping centers, hospitals, aged care accommodation, education facilities and a multitude of other commercial development firms. Different international and national development companies advertise their tenders for different commercial painting contractors to place their bid, and according to their reputation, their quality of service and project delivery, one of these companies wins the bid. We are one of the most experienced commercial painting contractors that have been providing various types of painting services to home as well as commercial buildings.

There are quite a number of services that we offer and it will depend on what a company needs to be carried out as per the tender. We have varied services on offer, specializing on some while sidelining others.

Our work as one of the most well experienced commercial painting contractors is to ensure that the interiors and exteriors of your buildings are as presentable as you would wish.

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We do our best to improve the appearance of your exteriors and interiors through some of the services we offer and we would advice that you consider hiring us for the following services:

Deck and roof coatings

– This entails, elastomeric coatings, waterproofing and roof jobs

– Anti-graffiti coatings, corrosion resistant, intumescent fireproofing, epoxy floor

– Coatings, texturing and water repellant epoxy/urethane coatings.

Reflective roof coatings

– Cool roof coatings work by reflecting the sun’s heat away together with its energy creating benefits both environmentally and financially. This is because by reflecting away the heat the roof materials are prevented from breaking down hence saving on cost.

– The cool roof coatings will reduce energy costs by more than 30% during summer and increases the life span of the roof saving you on the cost of yearly recurrent expenditures.

Light industrial

– This is part of the industrial painting and coating, entailing: dry fall coatings, surface preparation using power washing, mechanical or hand tooling and sand blasting.


– This entails: cleaning repairing and surface preparation. The surfaces are prepared so that the jobs maintain the perfect looks.

– This procedure can be done on various surfaces such as: brick, stucco, concrete, wood, stone and terra cotta.

Wall covering

– This is very crucial as it determines the completion of a project, the following can be used; murals and acoustic wall systems, sturdy vinyl and the finest imported fabrics.

Ceiling Painting

– The ceilings’ brightness plays a great part in determining the overall outlook of the interior side of the building. It is therefore crucial to ensure that the ceiling and walls are clean and bright. Painting of the ceiling and the walls greatly increases the illumination of facilities up to five times above normal; this is because the walls and ceiling reflects all the light beams on its surface into the entire facility. This will in turn be an appealing site to potential customers making visits to your site of work. Painting is actually part of marketing.

– On the other hand unpainted dirty and dark ceilings in warehouses and industrial buildings is an indicator of a problem, since such areas are potential hiding places for contamination that can cause dangerous spontaneous combustion due to oil, paper dust and solvent from operations taking place in a current manufacturing process.

– Ceilings that are unclean pose a health hazard by possibly contaminating products still in the manufacturing process by allowing dirt or contamination to pollute products in the production line, the high temperature up in the ceiling might add to all the mentioned problems.

– Ceiling painting can be done using dryfall paints, which are made using a solvent that allows them to dry fast enough as not to hit the ground beneath. There is also existence of surface-tolerant coating such as epoxy that plays a part in reducing the high cost painting surfaces.

– Generally, to make your facility look more presentable, it is important to have uniformity in the colors of the ceiling.

Metal painting

– Of all the painting surfaces, maintaining the presentable looks of exterior surfaces are the most difficult. There is various exposure that these surfaces experience, including; the sun, temperature fluctuations and rain, all of which are not so friendly on painted surfaces.

– In times during spring and fall, the levels of temperature are quite high due to its variations, and due to the extreme heat, the metal surface expand to a great extend beyond the normal and the nightfall comes the temperatures shift to the opposite and the metals suddenly contract. Unlike the other painted surfaces, this seldom occurs, meaning that the coats used for commercial building siding refinishing has to be designed for extreme levels of expansion and contraction or such surfaces will otherwise crack and fail as they are stretched their capacities. For this, highly flexible coatings are required used together with excellent fade resistance and gloss retention to withstand the sun’s exposure.

– There are also many other factors to be considered when making the selection for darker colors, and this includes the dark colors which absorb much more heat during the day, and such surfaces have been known to become more than 50 degrees hotter compared to a normal light colored surface. Comparing the light colors and the dark colors, dark colors are more noticeable when they fade; hence their color retention is lower than that of lighter colors.

Wall painting

– To improve the overall appearance of your facility it is important to paint the interior and exterior walls of the commercial building or warehouse.

– It is important that the painting of the ceiling coincide with that of the wall, this will be highly cost effective. It looks so weird when the walls are done beautifully yet the ceiling is in an ugly mode.

– It is important to note that, if you paint your walls white, with time they will gradually fade uniformly to a dull yellow.

The above mentioned are services we provide as commercial painting contractors, when in need of our service, make an effort to contact us.

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"They scheduled an appointment with me to meet at my clients business that needed exterior paint work and were there on time. They also had no problem working with the paint brand that i had specified and even gave me some helpful tips on finishes for my project. A few days before the job was to be done, they called to let me know that rain was in the forecast and offered a reschedule date. Great paint job, Great communication, and Very polite A+ (Jamie K. from San Francisco) "