Drywall Repair

Drywall can be damaged by an assortment of reasons, and we are one of the most experienced drywall repair contractors who can repair the wall and get it looking as good as new! Drywall can be damaged because of flooding or leaks that have caused the drywall to hold the moisture, expand, crack, and fall apart. It can be damaged because the previous wallpaper that covered the wall was improperly removed and the wall became too wet or gouged. Another reason can be because something has hit the wall and pushed into it. Drywall can also be damaged because of stains from a variety of sources and some damaged drywall is from stress, or from mapping lines that have begun to appear. Regardless of what caused the damage we will restore it to pristine condition.

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Drywall Repair from Water Damage

Reaction of drywall boards and finishes to a s...

Reaction of drywall boards and finishes to a small water leak.  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When the drywall has been damaged from floodwaters, it must be dried and repaired promptly. If the damage is so extensive that it requires replacement of an entire section of the wall, the best means of accomplishing this is to hire a drywall repair contractor that is experienced in this type of restoration. One of the reasons that it must be done quickly is to not give the moisture a chance to feed the mold or mildew that is certain to grow if the wall is not promptly dried. A severely damaged section should be promptly removed.

The problems in detecting drywall that has water damage may be because it’s painted, covered with wallpaper, or is a paneled wall; because of these issues the damage may not be discovered until the mold and mildew have escalated to the degree that the entire wall must be replaced. Unfortunately, drywall has to be dried from the inside out before any repairs can be started. We as professional drywall repair contractors know how to find the areas of damage and the best methods of drying the wall to ensure that the repairs are efficiently done.

Sometimes drywall is damaged from leaks in the roof or from plumbing running through the walls or under the flooring. When this happens it also may be difficult to readily notice until it is damaged beyond repair and must be replaced. This is also a job for the drywall repair contractors to determine the best manner in which the wall has to be repaired. We have been trained on removing damaged carpet from the surrounding area, getting the walls dried, treating the areas to prevent mold and mildew from forming, and determining the most effective method to repair or replace the drywall.

When the drywall has a stain on it from a leak, many homeowners assume that simply painting over the stained part of the wall is sufficient. In some cases, if the water damage is minimal from a leak and was dried quickly before any mold could form and begin to grow, repainting the stained area is sufficient. A drywall repair contractor should be brought in to take a look at the area and ensure that mold or mildew is not growing and that painting would be all that is necessary.

Drywall Repair from Stress

There are also times when drywall is stressed because of the foundation shifting and there are cracks running through the wall. There are also lines that look similar to stress lines, called mapping lines, that also need to be repaired – after the foundation shift problem is rectified. Drywall repair contractors can help determine if these lines are stress lines from foundation shift, or if they are mapping lines from the drywall that has been previously damaged or is simply old and needs to be replaced.

If the stress and mapping lines are caused by foundation shift that has been repaired, then the drywall repair contract can generally repair those hairline cracks very easily. They will generally use some type of paper tape or fiberglass meshed tape that can be easily used to fix these cracks. Once the crack line is taped, the drywall mud can be spread across the tape and blended into the surrounding wall’s texture. When it’s allowed to thoroughly dry, which can take several days, depending on the temperature and the humidity levels, the section of the wall can be painted and no one will know that the damage was ever there.

Drywall Repair Cost

Drywall Upstairs Ready for Mud

Drywall Upstairs Ready for Mud (Photo credit: Moosicorn)

Drywall repair can be very expensive in both time and money if it isn’t done correctly, and it’s very important to get estimates and recommendations from several contractors. The estimates can run from very low for small patches that can be completed in a couple of hours to very expensive jobs that can take several days from start to finish due to any drying that has to be done, and if there has to be steps taken to treat the area for mold and mildew. When the damage affects a large section of the wall, it is generally very expensive to repair and replace.

When the estimates are requested from the drywall repair contractors, be sure to get a complete detailed description of the amount of damage that has been discovered, and the work that needs to be done to restore the wall to its original condition. This should also include all treatment for mold and mildew if the damage was due to water leaks or flooding. Be sure to get references from each of the contractors and go see the work that has been done for previous customers, and talk to the references to determine how professional the contract is, and how timely that the repair was done. Next, get a detailed cost estimate from each contractor, with a description of what part of their work is guaranteed and for how long.

Drywall Repair Conclusion

As drywall repair contractors we have had training and experience to do the necessary repair work that will restore the wall and repair any damage. Once the wall is repaired, the room will look brand new again, and last many years.

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