Exterior House Painting

Do you want to change the physical look of your house? One way to do so is to do exterior house painting yourself. However DIY is a headache as there are several aspects that have to be delved into. So, for this task the practical thing to do is to hire a professional because they have the skills and equipment which can make them finish the job in half the time you would have spent if you did it on your own. Exterior house painting is a difficult job, and you need to seek the assistance of an expert to make your house look beautiful.

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Exterior house painting materials

Painted Ladies

Painted Ladies (Photo credit: Paco Gárate)

If you are doing the job your self, then you will have to arrange for several types of materials that you have to use like a pain brush, a roller and ladders. While it is easy to get paint brush and a roller, getting ladders on rent is not an easy job. You have to get them in trucks if they are long, and this means extra money spent.On the other hand once you have hired a contractor for your exterior house painting job, here are the items he will bring along.
Of course the number one thing he will prepare is paint. Expect him to bring a can latex paint, which is not that runny. Professionals prefer latex paint because it can be cleaned up easily.
To apply the paint, a professional will need a paint brush and a roller. Exterior house painting contractors always choose high-quality brushes and rollers instead of a cheap ones, because those are easily destroyed.
There are several other types of tools that the painting professional would use, and which you wouldn’t know about. For example another material that your professional will need is a brush grid, which is metallic in nature. This is important so he can apply an even coat on the roller.
A roller frame and a roller nap are also needed. The nap should correspond to the roller’s width. The contractor will bring along big and small naps and frames. The big one is what will be used for the large areas, while the small ones will be used for the edges and the trims of the house.
In order to continue with exterior house painting at the upper levels of the house, a professional will bring an extension ladder as high as your home. For his safety, he will bring ladder boots made of foam, so the ladder remains stable wherever you put it. The boots also prevent the edges of the ladder from chipping the areas he has just painted on.
To protect your floors and other materials, a qualified exterior house painting professional will make use of a high-grade drop cloth. This material is made for spilling, unlike the rags and papers, which are used by subpar contractors. With a drop cloth you don’t have to worry about paint spillage ruining your floors.

Additional materials for exterior house painting

Silicone caulk can be used as a basic sealant ...

Silicone caulk can be used as a water/air sealant. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You know you have hired an exceptional exterior house painting professional if you see him with the extra materials needed for the task. Most professionals have a 5 in 1 tool which can help him open paint cans and get rid of old paint.
In case the wooden parts in your home are unpainted, he will need to make use of a primer.
A caulk and a caulking gun are also needed in case he needs to patch the cracks and holes in your home. He will also bring wood putty, which is best for bigger holes. This putty is inexpensive and lasts longer than caulk.

What will the exterior house painting professional actually do?

There are many companies out there, which offer exterior house painting services for a small cost, but how would you know if you have hired the wrong one? Here are professional moves you can expect from an exterior house painting professional who know what he’s doing.

house painting 022

house painting 022 (Photo credit: CoreyPud)

1. He paints the house from left to right. He starts at the topmost corner of the left, then works his way down. He then proceeds to the top right corner, and finishes at the bottom. This style is used by experts at exterior house painting, because after all, most people read from left to the right. The process of left to right can help him see what places he might have missed. The process of painting from top to bottom is also recommended because the paint from the top will drip, and by working at the bottom after, he can smoothe these drips well. For years, this left to right, top to bottom methodology has been utilized by experts in the exterior house painting process.
2. His first agenda should be the sidings of your house. This process will reduce the time the time he needs to clean his brush before changing colors.
3. He will make use of a different color for his gutters and the wood underneath it. He will also paint a different shade for your window boards. For these areas he will use a mini-roller, which can make the exterior house painting process easier and faster.
4. If you live in a tropical area, you don’t have to worry about the rain getting in your way. Your exterior house painting professional will remove the downspouts, which are the vertical materials, which transport the water from the gutters to the floor. Removing the downspouts is easy, with the use of a screwdriver. By taking these items off the professional can perform exterior house painting rather easily, even during the rainy days.
5. Lastly, you will notice that he will place the ladder properly. The process of exterior house painting will take longer with the wrong ladder placing because he will need to move the ladder every so often. You know you have hired a professional if he situates the ladder 3 feet from the painting area, as this is the average reach.
Exterior house painting is a daunting task. If you do it yourself you can expect a dowdy job. But if you hire an exterior house painting professional, you can have a beautiful house in just a few days’ time.

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