Garage Floor Epoxy

A Garage Floor Epoxy Application Will Create a Durable, Attractive Addition to Your Home

Application of a garage floor epoxy is probably one of best things you can do to preserve the functionality and appearance of your garage. While most garages are just your standard concrete flooring, standard doesn’t cut it when you consider the abuse most garages are subjected to. Storage of sporting equipment, lawn equipment, tools and cars, in addition to chemical spills and heat from your car, not to mention the foot traffic garages are subjected to all take a toll on the durability of your garage flooring.

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Leaving your garage flooring in its standard concrete state will eventually lead to it sustaining cracks, and chips. Applying a good grade garage floor epoxy will eliminate these problems early on and increase the life of your garage flooring immensely. Not to mention, that with the variety in color and texture of epoxy available, you can easily make your garage an added attractive dimension to your home’s décor. And when compared to the other options available for garage floor coating, epoxy is second to none.

Epoxy of Death

Epoxy Garage Floor (Photo credit: formulaphoto)

Advantages of the Use of Garage Floor Epoxy Coatings

Some of the advantages to applying a garage floor epoxy coating include the following.

• Epoxy floors keep work environments cleaner than they otherwise would be due to this type of flooring’s inability to absorb chemicals and oils which could permanently stain concrete surfaces.• Epoxy floors are easy to maintain and clean, and will keep your garage floor free of contaminants.

• Being light in color, garage floor epoxy is highly reflective, meaning that your garage is brightened to create a well-lit area for you to work in. Epoxy has been estimated to brighten a garage by up to 300 percent. Consequently, applying a garage floor epoxy can also eliminate the need to add additional lighting for those projects you want to accomplish in your garage.

• Available in non-slip formulas, epoxy reduces the danger of you or a visitor slipping on floors and decreases the risk of injury during projects or car maintenance chores.

• Garage floor epoxy protects the underlying concrete surface of your garage from floor damage and chemical corrosion, adding to the life of your home.

How To Choose the Garage Floor Epoxy For Your Garage

Mid-project on applying Rustoleum epoxy to the...

Mid-project on applying Rustoleum epoxy to the garage floor (Photo credit: Celebration Harts)

A good-grade epoxy is not water-based and contains a high solid material count. You can find some cheap water-based epoxies, but these are usually not as lasting as commercial grade, chemical-based varieties. Check the label of any epoxy you consider using. Strong, non-water-based types will not only work on concrete, but can be used on metal, steel, zinc, and masonry as well. However, proper application of garage floor epoxy is also important to get the results you desire.

If you plan to apply your own garage floor epoxy, most epoxy manufacturers suggest some variation of the following four steps to ensure that your floor is properly coated. Be cautious about when you plan to perform your garage floor epoxy project as when surface or air temperatures are below 50F (10C), epoxy doesn’t work well; epoxy doesn’t do well at very low temperatures.

1. Clean and etch the concrete. Prepare your concrete garage floor by cleaning it and etching it. Etching concrete gives it a rougher texture so that the epoxy has a better surface to adhere to. Epoxy application is only as good as the preparatory work you put into it, so don’t skimp on this part of your project. Concrete that has been treated with sealant, will not take epoxy as the product will not stick to sealant-covered concrete. If you do not know if a sealant is present or not, you can test it by pouring a small amount of water on the concrete. It should soak into the surface within a reasonable amount of time if no sealant is present. Otherwise the water will bead and just sit on the surface. If you have a lot of grease and oil stains on the flooring, you can purchase certain solutions at any local hardware store that will dissolve these stains; however, there are no solutions that will cut through a sealer enough to provide a proper surface for epoxy application. If your concrete flooring is new, you’ll want to etch it. Etch it thoroughly until it resembles coarse sandpaper so your new epoxy coating will adhere properly. A good Clean and Etch Solution should take care of this with a couple of applications.

2. Seal the concrete. Next seal the concrete with an epoxy penetrating sealant.

3. Apply your chosen garage floor epoxy product. Using a roller, brush, or sprayer, apply a base coat of epoxy. Apply only in the absence of dampness and extreme cold.

4. Apply a clear topcoat to the finished flooring. To add a glossy finish and make your new garage floor easy to clean, apply a clear topcoat.

If you follow the above-outlined steps, your new garage floor should last a long time and remain new-looking if you keep it clean. By creating a non-porous surface with the application of your topcoat, you can easily clean your new garage flooring with a mop, broom or garden hose. Most homeowners are appreciative of the look of an epoxy floor and consider it a valuable addition to their home, keeping their garages dirt-free, crack-free and attractive. In fact, many realtors advertise epoxy garage floors as an upgrade to home listings.

Epoxy Garage Floor

Epoxy Garage Floor (Photo credit: i be GINZ)

A Garage Floor Epoxy Application is an Inexpensive Way to Protect Your Garage Flooring

A garage floor epoxy application is probably the most inexpensive method for adding to the longevity ofyour garage floor. Not only are epoxy garage floors inexpensive to apply, but in the long-run, you’ll save money on the purchase of expensive cleaning chemicals and the labor time associated with repairing your garage floor. Easy to find, garage floor epoxy is stocked by most hardware stores. Your garage floor deserves the same care as the flooring in your home. And, choosing a functional, yet attractive garage floor epoxy to apply to your garage floor can transform that dull piece of concrete into an aesthetically appealing living space for work and play.

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