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One of the most irritating pieces of “art” for homeowners and business owners is graffiti. But you don’t have to worry as we are graffiti removal specialists and experts at removing this trash and restoring the surface to its original pristine condition. Although some graffiti is considered “art”, particularly by those who created it, it is generally deemed detrimental and an eyesore when it has been “created” on public buildings, and most owners and government agencies want it removed as soon as it’s placed.

In most communities, graffiti is a crime because the value of the property is lowered when graffiti surfaces, and it seems to draw crime in many areas. If the “artists” are caught, they are usually fined or sent to jail for defacing public property. There are a variety of ways that the “artwork” can be removed.

Graffiti Removal on Assorted Surfaces with Various Substances


Graffiti (Photo credit: NguyenDai)

There are many graffiti removal contractors that are experienced in determining the best method to remove the “artwork”. Unfortunately the self-proclaimed “graffiti artists” don’t always place their artwork on surfaces that can be easily cleaned. Graffiti can be found on brick, stone, plaster, glass, wood, granite, plastics, trains, cars, trailers, bridges, homes, – basically any relatively flat surface that can be drawn upon or painted. There are assorted spray paints, markers, and even crayons that the “artists” prefer to use to display their “talents”.

One means of graffiti removal is simply by painting over the graffiti, which works just fine on surfaces that are already painted surfaces. It’s probably the least expensive method to covering the nonsense that has been painted on the surface, and the contractors can help determine if repainting the surface is the best solution. Once the surface has been repainted, it is recommended that a protective coat is used on the wall so that future graffiti can be more easily washed off.

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For stone, brick, or masonry surfaces, there are specific chemicals that have been developed for professionals who remove graffiti. They are generally sprayed on and brushes have to be used to rub off the painted graffiti. There are even starter packs that contain all the supplies that are need to clean an area of up to 3000 square feet of surface that has been defaced.

For surfaces that are a bit more sensitive, there are also chemical products that are available for graffiti removal that doesn’t damage the underlying surface. These are very effective for removing “art” that has been drawn with crayons, markers, felt pens, and even assorted types of spray paint. In many cities, graffiti has been left on statues and other pieces of real artwork, and these products are effective to remove the graffiti without damaging the statues.

For other surfaces such as concrete, terrazzo, granite, plastics, stone, glass, metal, and other surfaces there is also a liquid cleaner that easily removes graffiti that has been created with permanent markers. This product that is used to remove graffiti is amazingly easy to use because it’s simply spread with a paint brush, and wiped off with a towel. It’s great to remove graffiti from cars, trucks, trailers, signs, and assorted other surfaces.

Falch Graffiti Entferner 016

Falch Graffiti Entferner 016 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There’s also a graffiti removal gel that is extremely effective for graffiti that has been painted on a surface and left alone to be baked by the sun for a long period of time. It’s even effective for removing thick mural paint that has been on the side of a building and baked by the sun for years. It’s also a great product to remove graffiti from asphalt or steel surfaces.

There are also “Graffiti Safewipes” that are very handy for businesses that have metal signs outside their building that are frequently being defaced by graffiti “artists”. These do a great job because they are cloths that are saturated with the graffiti removal solution and all that must be done is to wipe the cloth over the surface and the graffiti is removed.

For the more difficult surfaces, sandblasting, soda blasting, and pressure washers must be used to remove the graffiti. The professional graffiti removal experts are the best sources to remove the eyesores from the public. There are a variety of these devices that are recommended for different surfaces, and very effective at removing the graffiti. These methods are more environmentally friendly and generally not abrasive as some of the chemical removers are on the surface.

Graffiti Removal Specialist

When you hire us – graffiti removal specialists for removing the eyesore, be rest assured that we have the expertise to determine the most effective method based on the type of surface and the source of the graffiti. We are also the experts at determining the best protective coating to put on the surface that will make it much easier to clean if the “artists” return. We usually provide a description of what it will take to remove the graffiti, and the cost of removing it and restoring the surface to a pristine condition.

As graffiti removal specialists we have a system that we use that is very effective to remove the graffiti that doesn’t damage the underlying surface. We are very successful in understanding exactly what products were used to create the graffiti and the chemicals, power washers, or wipes that are the best products. Once the graffiti is successfully removed, we also have some type of coating that would make additional graffiti easy to remove.

The special coatings that can be used prohibit the material that was used to create the graffiti from soaking into the underlying surface and permanently staining the structure. By using this special surface coating, the graffiti artists are discouraged from continuing to create their “art” on the surface because it can be cleaned up faster than before the coating was applied. It also ensures there is no remaining shadow of the graffiti that was applied on the wall, and many of the products are environmentally friendly with no harmful chemicals. When the professional graffiti removal specialists like us are called upon to do the job, the job is done with expert precision, and the results are flawless.

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