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The office is one of the places where you spend a lot of time. Work can be stressful, and if you have a boring surrounding, it won’t help your mood. If you want to relax your senses and enjoy the views of your cubicle, then you can consider painting and redecorating your office. Obviously DIY is not a very good idea, since you don’t want your clients to see you painting your premises. It’s a wise idea to hire a professional for office painting and decorating. Is it beneficial to hire a contractor? Here are a few benefits that professionals offer.

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Office painting and decorating experts offer color consultations for free

An office painting and decorating expert will provide you with a wide list of color choices, from which you can choose. White is the most popular choice. If you want to make your office look classy, sophisticated and modern, your contractor will make use of gray or black colors for office painting and decorating.
Want to make area divisions in the workplace? Tell your contractor about this idea and he will make use of bright colors such as yellow, orange and green for office painting and decorating. These shades can provide a feeling of space separation. Not only will these colors cheer your customers, it can make your employees more energetic as well.
How about orange or red painted walls for those who want to stimulate their mental activities?
Apart from vibrant colors, striped walls are nice designs for office painting and decorating. This design is hard to do by yourself, but with a professional’s help this can be done easily. Striped walls can make the workplace cheerful, provided the rest of the walls are painted in neutral colors.
If you want to have murals that represent your company, just present the logo to the office painting and decorating professional and he will get on it right away.

Designs according to your company profile

English: AEO Home Office

English: AEO Home Office (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Upon reviewing your office, your contractor will make recommendations according to your company profile. This is something that can only by done a professional who has had decades of work experience under his belt.
If your workplace is dominated with young artsy and hip employees (graphics design and IT,) your office painting and decorating contractor will make use of bright colors such as denim blue, terracotta, or celery green.
If your company dabbles with law and accountancy, then the appropriate wall colors may be light brown, taupe, or pale beige. These walls will make the certificates and diplomas of the employees stand out.
For waiting areas in doctor’s offices, the recommended colors by office painting and decorating experts are green and blue, because they can make the patients feel calm and relaxed. For the pediatrician’s office, rainbow colors will work well because these hues can distract the child while waiting.

Design according to the office space

Proper design can also be determined by the space of your office. This is one thing office painting and decorating masters are good at.
If you have a big space, then navy blue, red and purple are recommended by office painting and decorating experts as they can further beautify your work area.
If you have a small office and cramped cubicles, the contractor can create the illusion of space by using pastel colors such as beige and cream in office painting and decorating. Sandalwood furniture and touches of green will spice up offices in these colors.

Design according to areas

Each part of your office serves a different function. By consulting with your contractor he can make use of office painting and decorating ideas, which complement your office areas.
If you want to make the customers feel calm and happy while waiting, then the professional will use green and blue paints for the reception area. Blue conveys a feeling of trust, loyalty and reliability, while green is associated with safety and money.
If your office is always filled with people, then your contractor will use darker colors for your reception area. Black, brown or navy blue for office painting and decorating can conceal the dirt and fingerprints resulting from the many transactions at your office.

Decorating the office with the help of an expert

Cubicles in a now-defunct co-working space in ...

Cubicles in a now-defunct co-working space in Portland, Oregon. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After painting the walls with a new color, the next step for office painting and decorating is arranging the interiors to make a beautiful workspace. You don’t have to worry about this, as this is also part of the job of an office painting and decorating professional.
The first step a professional will do is give adequate space per employee. A cubicle should have enough space for the computer, office supplies and other items. He will provide a storage area, which can hold books and other supplies near your desk.
Another thing that is important in office painting and decorating is appropriate lighting. When an office has adequate lighting, the employees can work well and good. But if the lights are dim, the employees can experience poor vision, strained eyes and even headaches. If there’s no natural source of light such as a window, an expert can provide overhead lighting at cubicles and work spaces. Desk lamps can also add the needed lighting for employees with vision problems. A professional knows how to position these lamps – on either side (instead of the front) – to reduce glare effects.
While office decorations can help you personalize your space, a professional is against too many things on one desk. An office painting and decorating expert will recommend that you only put the things that you need, instead of populating your table with useless clutter. One or two photos and a special memento are enough decors on your desk.
An office painting and decorating professional can help you decorate your cubicle with your diplomas, certifications and awards. He can also help you hang a memo board on your wall. Other decors that you can add include a vacation souvenir or a unique piece of art.
Wooden materials are oftentimes used in office painting and decorating, because they can add a touch of nature to the workspace. Wooden decors and flooring are used by experts to make the room look warm and more conducive for customers and employees.
Office painting and decorating can be a tough job especially if you have no idea about the principles of design and color coordination. If you want to have the best look for your office, then it’s practical to hire an office painting and decorating expert to help you out with your needs.

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