Painting Kitchen Walls

You have already worked hard to get your home’s exterior painted nicely. Your roof has been redone and your patio looks wonderful, but as it gets chilly outside, it is time to look in the interiors of your home. Your kitchen was redone a few years back and with you and your family’s busy schedule the thought of painting kitchen walls yourself is simply frustrating. So what is the best choice? Will you wait for a few more months and do it yourself? This may cause unnecessary delay and with the winter setting in, things will become tougher and you may not be up for such a task. The best option is this case is to hire a contractor for painting kitchen walls. These contractors will be able to perform the task quickly, efficiently and neatly – better than what you may be able to do.

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Which are the best places to find contractors?

Kitchen Cabinets - Revamped

Kitchen Cabinets – Revamped (Photo credit: Magisch)

The main factor is – would you pick just any contractor for painting kitchen walls just because his name was listed right on the first page of your phone book or yellow pages? Well, this is definitely the worst thing to do because you are paying for their service, therefore so make sure that you pick the right contractor for painting kitchen walls. Your groundwork will differentiate between a fantastic kitchen walls painting job and a disaster. The best way to find out the best service provider for this job would be to interview a few contractors for painting kitchen walls before choosing one for your kitchen.
Usually, your friends, relatives or neighbors will be able to give you great ideas – so start asking them. They can tell you about their experiences on how the job was done and which are the right, honest and value service providers. You should know their opinion about the contractor they used for painting kitchen walls.
Was the job done as it was specified? Was the contractor prompt in taking suggestions and gave good ideas? Was he neat in his work? Did he complete the job within the specified time? Did he complete the job within the budget? These are a few questions that you must ask. A real customer review is the best option to know what lies in store for you. It is not necessary to choose a contractor for painting kitchen walls of your home only because he has worked for your friend. Ensure that you have got several estimates from several contractors by doing your groundwork pretty well.
Internet is yet another great place to find reliable contractors. There are several directories online that provide numbers of the contractors for painting kitchen walls. All you have to do is type your location and you will obtain a list of qualified contractors in your area. Once you get the list, you call a few of them and interview and ask for estimates. Do not hesitate in asking questions. After all you will be paying them and they are not painting kitchen walls for you as a favor. Remember, a good painting contractor will answer all your questions patiently because he knows that if he provides quality service, you will become his repeat customer. And in this type of business, 80% of your business comes from 20% of your clients!

What are the questions you should ask during interview?

Day 2 of Kitchen Cabinet Painting

Day 2 of Kitchen Cabinet Painting (Photo credit: theunquietlibrarian)

1. Ask them for an estimate, but also ask them how they made that estimate. Ensure that it is not just an eyeball guess. Ask them how they may include their mistakes in the estimates. Look at the time frame for which they have sent you the estimate.
2. Ask them whether they are insured or not. This is very important because in case your things get stolen or broken, ask them how they will reimburse.
3. You should know about the crew he will send for painting kitchen walls. Is the crew reliable?
4. See if your contractor can help you out with selecting paint for painting kitchen walls. They are the experts and they can not only tell what finish is good, they can help you choosing the most popular paint for you.

Tips to choose the right contractor for painting kitchen walls

Kitchen Freshly Painted

Kitchen Freshly Painted (Photo credit: Rick Scully)

All painting contractors are not the same and some are more experienced than the others. Contractors that have years of experience at hand charge higher than the ones that have less experience. If a contractor is charging you less even though he is in the market for a long time, you better check the quality of work he is providing. The painters who will charge you more money for painting kitchen walls have a reasonable explanation of doing so – they know what they are doing and they are more professional. On the other hand painters who have less experience at hand do not know how to factor in all costs, and in the process they will charge the job most inaccurately. This eventually results in low quality jobs. In such cases it is possible that the painter uses low quality material, he does a rush job, and he doesn’t even return your phone calls if a problem exists after the work is over.
Check your contractor’s references. For that you should ask about his previous clients’ phone numbers. In case he doesn’t provide the numbers, it is better that you don’t hire him.
One of the best places to ask for contractor recommendation for painting kitchen walls is your local paint store. These people have a lot of insight on the professional level, expertise and quality of painting contractors. Everyday they deal with painting contractors with whom they speak. The local paint store people can tell you how well certain contractor is doing or how they deal with their clients etc.
It is important that you buy the paint yourself. This is because not all contractors are honest, and unfortunately when they will get the paint for you they may buy low-grade paint, while charging the same amount for their service. A low-grade paint costs less and in turn the contractor will lower his bid. Even though you see less money, you won’t notice the low quality paint. Thus it is best to buy your own paint. Don’t count on your contractor for painting kitchen walls every time!

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