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In a lot of areas around the country stucco is used on the walls in homes, and painting stucco by professionals is one of those chores that simply must be done on a routine basis.We are the ones who can do this job nicely. Stucco is a material that is made from a combination of crushed stone or gravel, sand, or other similar materials along with a binder of some type that holds the aggregate together, and a final ingredient of water. It’s very popular for intricate designs on buildings and quite popular on homes because it looks very nice, it’s durable, and as a covering on an outer wall, it’s quite resistant to weather. In many cases it’s applied over solid stone, masonry or even brick surfaces, and it can be painted in any color to complement the room’s decor.

Finding a Contractor for Painting Stucco

Over time, the chore of Painting Stucco on the home comes up because of many reasons. Certainly one is to change the décor of the room for inside walls, but outside walls need extra protection on a routine basis because the stucco can absorb water, and in the northern areas it can also crack from freezing weather. We are painting contractors and we all agree that stucco should be protected just like all other outdoor surfaces, and repainting it on a routine basis is important to protect it and keep it looking like new. The best way to do this is to get in touch with professional contractors like us that will help you determine if it’s time for the full stucco wall to be repainted, or if just touch ups that are needed.

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It’s important to get a high quality contractor for painting stucco because this is an important seal on the house and needs to be protected, plus the outside world sees the job that was done as well. The most important step is to get referrals from friends, neighbors, or co-workers who have had this type of work done previously, to find the best person to do the job. Get several bids, and certainly get references from each of the contractors that are found – go see the finished job if possible as well. When the job is done right, it will last a long time.

Preparing for Painting Stucco

One thing most homeowners are unaware of is that painting stucco takes a good bit of preparation. The homeowner can’t just decide to repaint, go buy a bucket of paint, put up the ladder, and start slapping the paint on the stucco surface. It has to be prepared and completely cured before any paint can be applied. The first step is to look for any previous paint that is peeling, along with stains from rust or other substances, and also be aware of any deposits from efflorescence powders that have formed from the water that has seeped through the stucco. Also check to see if there are any other areas need additional repairs from cracks or breaks.

The next step for painting stucco is to thoroughly wash the entire area so that all the dust, dirt, and debris are completely removed – generally this is done with a pressure washer. However, a word of warning though, stucco is easily damaged and the proper pressure washer should be used to avoid damage. It’s recommended that a pressure washer with under 1500 pounds per square inch be used on stucco, with a fan spray nozzle to prevent damage when preparing the surface for Painting Stucco.

There are some cleansers and detergents that are recommended for areas on the surface that are extremely soiled when the power washer is insufficient, although this is rare. Always start washing from the top of the wall and work down, and be aware the power washer is also effective at removing some of the old paint as well. Once the surface has been completely washed and cleaned, it has to thoroughly dry before anything else can be applied.

When the stucco has completely dried, the sealers and caulking can be applied to any cracks or damaged sections that have been found in the stucco. There are a variety of compounds that are highly recommended and not only do a great job to patch or repair the area, but also last a long time. The first area of repair before painting stucco is to fill in the gap with the appropriate compound and smooth it so that it matches the existing finish. Once that dries, it’s often necessary to apply a second compound to create the texture that matches the surrounding stucco.

Primer for Painting Stucco

A good primer is an absolute necessity before painting stucco because it seals the surface and ensures the paint lasts much longer. In most cases the painting contractor will recommend the best primer considering the weathering of the current stucco, how long it has been since it was painted last, and the normal weather conditions of the area. Most recommend a primer that is acrylic and specifically designed for masonry surfaces.

The paint for painting stucco must be able to “breathe” which allows the moisture from inside to escape but at the same time resist the exterior moisture from the weather. It has to be flexible and move as the house settles without splitting, and it shouldn’t crack with the temperature extremes. The paint should be resistant to growth of molds and mildews and easy to clean. It should also a high quality paint that will last for several years without the peeling and cracking that cheaper paint will suffer. We recommend the best quality elastomeric paints that are available and work well in that area of the country.

Successful Painting Stucco Story

When you hire us for the  job of painting stucco, it’s a sure bet that the finished product will not only look great but will last for a very long time. Be aware that not all painters have experience in properly painting this type of surface, so make sure that the contractor is fully experienced and knowledgeable of this surface. When the job is done right, it protects the home for many years.

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"They scheduled an appointment with me to meet at my clients business that needed exterior paint work and were there on time. They also had no problem working with the paint brand that i had specified and even gave me some helpful tips on finishes for my project. A few days before the job was to be done, they called to let me know that rain was in the forecast and offered a reschedule date. Great paint job, Great communication, and Very polite A+ (Jamie K. from San Francisco) "