Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Popcorn ceiling is a term relating to a spray type or paint type acoustic treatment used in American homes of the 1960s and 1970s. Its texture resembles cottage cheese and was specifically used to cover up poorly done attaching of the drywall. Since it also helped to negate all echoes, it is called by another name – acoustic ceiling. However, when it was learned to contain asbestos and lead, it was abandoned in the 1970s. If your home was built in the 1970s, it’s time you too went in for popcorn ceiling removal. And we are there to assist you in this task!

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Do you need to go in for popcorn ceiling removal?

Close up of popcorn ceiling texture

Close up of popcorn ceiling texture (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

While you’re still mulling over the idea of having the popcorn ceiling in your house removed, take some time to check out the rooms and see if they have asbestos in the ceiling. If yes, call us – professionals who will have it removed expertly.
Please realize that this is a professional job and must be done only by an expert, experienced in this. We will obviously use the latest equipment and technology and give your ceiling a drywall finish.
Only a professional can remove all the foam and dust from the ceiling and assure you that everything has in fact been removed.
After the asbestos has been removed and the ceiling has got a fresh coat of paint, ensure that you stay away from it so that you do not breathe in any of the flakes of asbestos that are present in the air.

Why should you hire a contractor?

As a homeowner with an eye always on the budget, you might probably think that you can easily accomplish a professional job of popcorn ceiling removal, just as a professional contractor can. But stop! There are times when a professional is better at this than anyone else, either due to the complexity of the job, or because you cannot give it the time it needs to get done perfectly. Or perhaps you have a physical handicap, which prevents you from doing it. In any case, the best effect is always got by a professional.

What questions should you ask your contractor about popcorn ceiling removal?

The reason behind getting rid of the popcorn-textured ceiling could be anything—you want to redecorate your home, get a new look or whatever else—but this is the best place to begin. In order to hire the best man for the job, you should ask him some questions.
You could begin by asking him if he conducts tests for lead and asbestos. These are cancer-causing substances, so according to new laws, contractors who need to use such substances need to be certified to do so and would need to do the appropriate tests for this.
Next, ask him what arrangements he will make for cleaning the area after the ceiling has been scraped. Now, ask him to provide you with a written contract that spells out all the details. Also, ask him how long he will take to finish the job. Professionals are known to finish a 3500 sq ft house within a day and leave the place neat and tidy. Now, armed with all your info, speak to your family and friends about this contractor and whether you should hire him.

How much does popcorn ceiling removal cost?

If you want to hire a professional, you should be prepared to pay his costs, considering this popcorn ceiling texture contains lethal asbestos. So, it’s best that a popcorn ceiling removal professional who’s done this before handles it. If asbestos is found in the ceiling texture, popcorn ceiling removal costs would go up a bit, and would range between $1.50- $3 per square foot, depending on where your house is located, the room size, the layers of popcorn to be sprayed, etc.

Advantages of popcorn ceiling removal

By going in for popcorn ceiling removal, your old gloomy house starts looking new, fresh, inviting and smart. You can entertain your friends and guests with great pride in your new home.

Older decorative ceilings, like this one, ofte...

Older decorative ceilings, like this one, often contain small amounts of white asbestos. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Once you have the popcorn ceiling removed, you can sell your house faster and for a much better price. Those houses, which have an old look and a popcorn ceiling, are more difficult to sell as the ceilings contain lethal asbestos and lead. Usually, buyers want to move in to a house that they don’t have to spend money on to redo. But a house with a popcorn ceiling will entail a lot of expense.
Ceilings can be removed by this method when they begin to look old and ugly with time. They begin to fade when stained by water and water seepage. With time, they take on an ugly yellow hue, thus giving an ugly look to the house. Since the ceilings trap sunlight, the rooms too look dark and dingy.
This is an expert’s job and requires their expertise, so only a licensed and seasoned contractor like us should be hired for the job. This job may sound a little complex to the homeowners, but to get the final result of having a non-popcorn ceiling, one should bear with the little inconveniences of this project.

Disadvantages of popcorn ceiling removal

Popcorn ceilings come with the advantage of sound deadening, so by removing this ceiling, that advantage will be lost forever. But if you have carpet on the floor or the walls, that aids in sound deadening.
Popcorn ceilings contain asbestos, which the US government has declared to be a hazardous substance. This is why people are avoiding it in their homes. Removing it isn’t as easy as removing anything else from one’s home. It means adhering strictly to the regulations on wearing protective gear while working on this, maintaining air samples and other such rules. So, this exercise is both expensive and a big hassle too.
Lastly, though it involves spending some amount of money, it is well worth it for the homeowner as it raises the house’s value. So, if you are still interested in going in for popcorn ceiling removal of your house, get in touch with us for the best quality workmanship in the market today. It’s a promise!

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