Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is part of maintaining hygiene either in your office or at your homes. It’s an option that exists amongst many others and it definitely has its pros and cons, although this would majorly depend on whether you are doing the job on your own or you have hired a contractor to come into your premises and do it for you. If you have enough resources then you can purchase a pressure machine that will do the job, otherwise we as a professional cleaning company have a solution to do all the pressure washing and cleaning for you.

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Hiring pressure washing companies

Usually the services of the companies are reliable. And since we are one of the most trusted providers we are concerned about our client’s affairs, we address all the issues mentioned below to assure our clients that the services are affordable and convenient to them.

A Honda GX160 5.5 HP. pressure washer in action.

A Honda GX160 5.5 HP. pressure washer in action. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We inform our clients of the issues mentioned below before we offer them our services.
Hiring a good pressure washing company to do the cleaning in your premises can be quite hard, and confusing as well. As a result many misconceptions have been formulated by the few who have fallen victim to fraudster companies. Lets clear the air on some of the common misconceptions out there and at the same time try to offer solutions.

Hire the company offering the lowest price

If you really haven’t given a thought about it, then the moment you get to hear it, it will almost make sense and enticing, but when you reconsider this thought you will find that it is not always true. This is because…
– The price you see on the pressure washing company’s quotation might not be the full amount, this price might be for a few selected services and not the full package offered by the company. This will only be as cheap as stated when you intend to only clean portions of your premises, in which case you can hire small companies with the small equipment for such work, or better still hire a machine and do it on your own.
– If otherwise you want a proper and full cleaning, this can be done by experts who have the experience and the necessary machinery at their disposal. This will entail removal of chemicals, pollen and bacteria and it will definitely come at a higher cost.
– Hidden charges – this might have happened to you a number of times in different areas apart from cleaning companies. Some cleaning companies put up irresistible offers on adverts and the media and so without hesitating you rush for their services before the offer period runs out. As you hire them and they start the job you come to realize when it’s too late that what they are charging is higher than what they advertised, this is as a result of misleading advertisements that are made intentionally to lure those who are not keen, and finally you are forced to pay the extra penny. When the deal is too good think twice, never forget that.

Assuming that all pressure washers companies work well

Post construction pressure washing window clea...

Post construction pressure washing window cleaning of the topped out Brickell Financial Centre I (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

– The performance of pressure washers depends on a lot and if the ones handling it are well experienced, then they will offer good service. The best cleaning results are determined by: the detergent used, technology of the nozzle, amount of pressure and the rate of flow of water.

Delay so that enough dirt can pile up before pressure washing

– There is always a tendency of neglecting clean up duties so as to give time for enough amount of dirt to pile up before doing clean up, with an assumption that you will be saving energy, time and some other resources. This notion is not correct, as with time so much dirt piles up on every imaginable surface, the driveways, walls, floors, carpets any other potential surface. It will be harder to clean these surfaces since the dirt seeps deeper into the surface making it harder to clean the surfaces, and hence will take more time and money.

You can get clear quotations over the phone for the amount to be paid

It is practically hard to get a fixed price when you need a place to be cleaned. There are a number of factors that come into play before a final price is reached. The pressure washing prices will differ depending on a number of things that will have to be put into consideration including…
– The amount of dirt on a surface, surfaces that have not been cleaned for a long time like a whole year are way much dirtier than that which was cleaned a few months before, and will therefore take more time and hence will be more costly to do it.
– The type of surface to be cleaned is also considered, surfaces will have different textures and this determines how hard or easy it is to clean such surfaces. Rougher surfaces are harder to clean as compared to smooth surfaces and hence rougher surfaces will be more costly.
– If surface to be cleaned is not easily accessible and some items have to be moved, the contractor/cleaner will have to charge for the labor adding to the cost of cleaning; it is therefore cheaper to make sure the surface to be cleaned is accessible, so that the cost of cleaning can come down.

Assuming that removal of dirt is the only reason to pressure clean

Low pressure roof washing

Low pressure roof washing (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

– Cleaning of the various surfaces might save you from the reactions of allergy caused by pollens or other forms of material.

With the above misconceptions cleared, you can be rest assured that your premises will be very effectively cleaned. We will clear all your doubts before proceeding for the job. Request a quotation from us so that you may know a rough estimate of our charges and also to avoid surprises.
We are one of the most self-disciplined pressure washing providers who are sure to have the surrounding of your compound or office always cleaned professionally so that you are happy with hygiene around you. Call us now!

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