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Residential painting contractors offer immense benefit over doing the painting job yourself. Professionals in this area not only provide expertise, which they have gained over years of experience, but they even offer tips that are valuable to the property owner. Besides, who doesn’t want to offload their headache as far as painting jobs are concerned – jobs that entail lots of dirt and moving furniture here and there. So whether you are planning an interior painting job or an exterior one, consider hiring residential painting contractors. With a wealth of information, these people will explain you what is the best way to obtain that smooth seamless finish. The most important part of any painting project is how to manage time and take care at the preparatory stage.

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Residential painting contractors have the right tools to do your job. If you were to do it yourself, you would just buy a paintbrush and a roller. But the professionals have all types of ladders, protective gears, scrappers and drop clothes etc. and not just a paintbrush or roller.

Musselburgh House Painting

Residential House Painting (Photo credit: Eddie Truman)

The professional residential painting contractor can recommend lots of things that you wouldn’t think if you were to do it yourself. For example what type of paint is necessary for your home, or what is the intensity of work involved. When you choose a color for your walls, you should know that the sample color will not look exactly the same after it has been painted on your wall. Here comes in the expertise of a professional painting contractor who after years of experience will know how the color would look on the walls finally. He is in a much better position to choose the color for your home.Sometimes people who are looking for a repainting job have several issues that have to be dealt with before starting the job like repairing damaged siding, scraping the already peeling paint, peeling it or even evicting any resident bees present in the compound. If you hire professional residential painting contractors, they should be able to complete any prep job in your home including the ones mentioned above in order to get the finished paint job right.

As a do-it-yourself home painter you can easily paint small interior areas of your home. However, for large areas or ceilings, you would need ladder. If you rent this equipment and paint yourself, you will be able to paint only up to a certain height, but you won’t be able to paint the exteriors if they are too high. Besides you would need to hire trucks that can carry the long ladders to your home, which means extra expenditure.

Houses on High

Houses on High (Photo credit: Cindy Funk)

Paint sprayers are yet another equipment that many do-it-yourself painters forget to use. Even if they remember they don’t have the expertise to use it correctly. If used correctly, the paint sprayers can produce better results as compared to just the rollers and brushes. Additionally the paint sprayers are faster. They cover the uneven and weathered surfaces very nicely. You can once again think of renting paint sprayers, but painting the walls by using these is itself an art. The professional painters on the other hand have years of experience and practice to handle this equipment carefully and expertly.


How do you know that your house needs painting?


If your house has any of the following problems, then it is time you call a residential painting contractor:

Our House Gets Painted: Scraping and Stripping...

Our House Gets Painted: Scraping and Stripping Begins (Photo credit: lyzadanger)

1. The paint is peeling on the interior or exterior walls.
2. There are small holes or cracks in the walls.
3. The original paint is loosing its sheen and fading.
4. Your toddler or the five year old has scribbled on the wall.
5. The wall bears seepage water stains.
6. You are bored with the current color scheme of your home.
7. If your wallpaper is really outdated.

Are you looking to enhance your home’s appeal, are you planning to sell it and want to improve its interior look. If yes, then you should consider house painting as that goes a long way in improving your home’s value. It is extremely affordable and adds value to your investment.


Hiring residential painting contractors offers several advantages:

1. Quality is assured: The professional home painters have the right tools and the experience backed up by years of service. This aspect ensures quality assurance.

2. Save time: Residential painting contractors usually finish their jobs within a specified time frame in order to meet the targets, except if there are emergencies. Si if you have a large job done, this is a breather as the job can be attended to immediately and professionally.

3. Stress free: Once you have assigned a painting job to the professional painters, you don’t have to take any stress. All you have to do is relax and inspect the job they are doing.

4. Maintenance cost is minimized: The residential professional painters always begin their work by determining the condition of your present walls. After that they determine how much paint or wall putty or damage repair is required. Once that inspection is complete and the professional painter is on the job, he ensures the longevity of the wall paint and also ensures that your walls stay in a good condition for a long time.

5. Painters are insured: All professional residential painting contractors are insured. This means that if any damage is caused to the wall because of them, you can be at peace, as they will take care of the damage cost.

6. Rates are affordable: There is a common misconception that getting the painting job done is very expensive. But most residential painting contractors offer very affordable prices. You can even negotiate with them according to your budget.

So, sooner you decide to call the residential painting contractor, the better, and sooner the project will get moving. Mostly, it is the exterior painting job that is more difficult to handle. Having a professional painter at your service is a huge relief and you will be able to focus on other remodeling jobs of your home.

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