Restaurant Painting

Restaurant painting is unlike any other commercial painting project. It has different sections, such as the kitchen and the dining area, which have different painting needs. When painting the kitchen, you need to hire a professional because he knows how to respond to the different needs of your kitchen. But why is this so? Because…

1. He knows that it’s imperative to use tough paints such as enamel or semi-gloss are needed so grease and food stains can be easily removed.
2. As for the entryway or the reception area of the restaurant, the restaurant painting needs to be beautiful and endearing. For this area a restaurant painting professional will make use of flat paints, which have low glares, and are best for creating a warm environment.

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Items needed for restaurant painting

There are many materials needed for restaurant painting, such as:
• Enamel paint or semi-gloss for kitchen walls
• Flat paint for the reception area
• Brush
• Paint roller
• Roller pan
• Drop cloths
• Plastic sheets
• Masking tape or painter’s tape
If you are planning to paint on your own, it is possible that you won’t use more than a paintbrush and a roller, which won’t produce desired effects. But if you have hired an expert, he will know how to use his tools effectively.

Restaurant painting by professionals

Experts who have years of experience in restaurant painting are the best people to do this job. They have all the materials needed and the skills demanded for the task. Here are several techniques, which only the professionals can pull off.
With a drop cloth, he will cover all the equipment and appliances that he can’t transfer to another room. He will also put drop cloths on the floors and the tiles on the walls, which are not going to be painted. He will also shield the hoods; because once he performs restaurant painting on the walls, paint splatter can get on them.
With the use of enamel paint for restaurant painting, he will start at the top and paint all the way down. He will work on the ceiling first, and apply paint on the joints between the wall intersections and ceiling with the use of a paintbrush. He will also add color around the lamps.

Restaurant painting the front of the house

A beautiful facade will give the customers a good first impression. If you want your customers to keep coming back, you should hire a restaurant painting expert to decorate your reception area as he has the right industry knowledge. Painting experts keep themselves updated with designs, which attract clients.
On the other hand, your limited knowledge may create a distasteful design.

Restaurant painting for small places

For this task you also need the help of a professional because he has the skills to make your restaurant look bigger than usual.
A simple restaurant painting style is perfect for small businesses such as restaurants and cafes. A contractor will advise against elegant designs and murals in your area because this will make your space look even smaller.
He can make your area look bigger by using solid and bold colors, which amend the café or restaurant’s motif. Instead of a number of paintings, he will only make use of only one mural or vignette, which can attract the attention of customers without making the wall too crowded.
If you are serving Italian fare, your contractor will make use of murals of Venice or Rome, which are good designs for your restaurant. As for Chinese restaurants, a painting of the Great Wall will work too, according to restaurant painting masters.
If you serve varied foods, a restaurant painting focused on generic designs such as mountains, trees and flowers will be the masterpiece of choice by your contractor.

Restaurant painting for high-end places

If you want to redecorate your 5-star restaurant, then it’s safe to say that you need to seek the help of a restaurant painting master who has years of experience. His skills can make your place look upscale in just a few weeks. He can make the walls look intricate by using fabrics, sponges, squeegees and combs for restaurant painting.
The comb painting design is something that an expert has perfected for years. For this task you can expect the restaurant painting master to apply base paint first. After drying this coat, he will apply another paint color on the wall. Before the paint dries, he will use the comb on the walls to reveal the differently colored base coat. To create a pinstripe design, he will use the comb to draw segments measuring ½ inch from the top to the bottom.
If you want to have textured walls, a restaurant painting master can use squeegees and sponges. He will start by coating the walls with a solid base shade. After drying it out, he will apply a semi-transparent coat, which is made from faux glaze and paint. He will then use a damp sponge to apply the semi-transparent coat to the walls.
If you want a simple way of making your restaurant elegant, your contractor can use a solid color for restaurant painting the walls. He can accentuate the hues by placing fabric drapes, which complement the walls. The drapes can hang from the ceiling to the wall, or it could be placed across the entire wall.

Restaurant painting for modern places

If your restaurant emits a youthful and edgy vibe, then you need a restaurant painting master who has perfected the techniques, which can make your place look modern and chic.
With a restaurant painting expert you don’t need to hire a modern or abstract artist to draw interesting restaurant painting on your walls. He can draw the murals himself.
Restaurant painting can be quite a task, and the finished product can highly affect your customer’s preference. If you want to have a beautiful restaurant, which attracts a lot of customers, you need to call a restaurant painting contractor today.

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