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Siding refers to the external view of your home and the weatherproof layer that protects all the layers below it, such as the sheathing, building paper, insulation, wall studs and the interiors. Therefore, the prime duty of siding is to hold the house together and protect its interiors. If you too have siding repair to be done, call us for the best solutions. A home may have wood sidings, man-made sidings or masonry sidings. But wood sidings are regularly exposed to the harsh elements, resulting in cracks, holes, splits, and loose pieces. Therefore, they need constant maintenance and siding repair.

You may need siding repair alongside your painting project

Siding repair materials generally comprise wood, metal, vinyl and masonry materials. Wood sidings are available as boards, shingles or shakes; man-made sidings are steel, vinyl or aluminum sidings; and masonry sidings are available as stone, brick or stucco.

Each of the above categories presents some options in the form of materials used: for wood, pine and cedar are used, while for man-made products, vinyl and aluminum are the choices offered. In terms of shapes available, you can get sidings as shakes, shingles, panels and clapboards in sizes ranging from four inches to 10 inches. They are cost-effective and long lasting and are therefore very widely used.
Of all the above types, the most popular are vinyl sidings. It is also the most expensive, probably because it has a 50-year lifetime. You can also make your choice in vinyl in a number of textures and colors to get a unique look. It is also low maintenance, as it neither requires staining nor painting. However, bad weather can destroy it as it does not come with any insulation. It is also not environmentally friendly.
On the other hand, wood siding is a green option. Here, cedar is a very popular choice since it provides a natural look and because it offers a degree of insulation, which means your energy bills are reduced. Shakes are durable sidings and can be repaired, if damaged. However, on the whole, wood sidings are high on maintenance and need painting or staining every few years. And being a natural product, it is vulnerable to contracting moss and mildew, which if untreated, can damage your siding.
A durable option, fiber cement siding is not as expensive as wood and can resemble stucco, wood or masonry. It is also fire-resistant and is a low maintenance option but needs regular painting and must be installed by a professional.
You can also choose metal siding which are used on corporate buildings, retro and metro buildings. This means that they do not let dents appear in the buildings and are long-lasting.
Lastly, masonry sidings are both diverse in comprising stone and brick sidings and are known for their durability, cost-effectiveness and reliability. Masonry sidings are made of fiber, asbestos, cement and asphalt, making them weather-resistant for long periods.

How can sidings be used?

Siding repair is necessary and most frequently done around windows and doors, where sidings and chimney meet, near ground level, below the eaves, at the holes made for vents and pipes to be installed, etc. These areas are not immediately noticeable, so siding repair is ignored until it ends up in peeling paint, cracked masonry and nails that jut out. When these meet the eye, people are generally ready for siding repair.

Selecting a siding repair professional

Vinyl siding

Vinyl siding (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you’ve got some siding repair work to be done and you’re on the lookout for the best person in the business, the first way of finding this person is to thumb down the list of siding repair contractors near you. Check out their sites and by the way the site is designed, you can get an idea of the way they take care of their projects.

Check out testimonials of good siding repair contractors and identify contractors whose niche specialization is the one you want him to work in, e.g. masonry siding or wood. Now, find out all about the materials used so that you speak intelligently to them when you interview them.

When you’ve got a few on your shortlist, speak to someone you trust and ask for his opinion. Based on his advice, you should choose the one based on the person with whom you feel the most comfortable and who made you the best offer. The contractor for siding repairs you choose should possess a very good track record. Negotiate a good price with him and understand the scope of his services, and ask to see a Siding Contract. Check it out with a typical siding contractor’s agreement online and if there are certain changes to be made, make them and finalize it. Hand over the job to him and wait to see the finished product.

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Why have siding repair done by a professional

When you have your home siding repairs done by a professional, there are a lot of benefits in it for you. So, it’s well worth going with one rather than venture into an area you’re ignorant of. Here are a few reasons why:

It’s best to have siding repair work done by a professional because of the convenience aspect. All you need do is to decide the kind of material and product you want to install and call in a professional to execute it for you. The benefit for you is that this expert knows his job thoroughly and can recommend the best siding repair material for your area and home.

We are professional siding repair professionals and we have the right skill set and experience for the job, so you can rest assured that we know how to handle your repair job. Secondly, we have all the relevant tools.
We have good references and you can contact past customers. Plus, we provide service warranty. Lastly, it is time saving for you. So, if you do decide to call in experts, give us a call and we will prove our expertise to you by doing a perfect job.

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