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Spray painting metal is a great way to update your brass fixtures, doorknobs, candlesticks, lamps, frames, and other decorations made of metal. With spray paint, your home can be redecorated – for a cheap price. Are you thinking of changing the colors of metal fixtures in your home? If you are planning a DIY approach, then you should re-think. While you may save some money, it is possible that over a period of time, your technique may backfire and eventually you land up rectifying the issues by spending more money! Thus it’s best to seek the help of a professional, right from the beginning. He has all the materials needed and the expertise, which makes the chore of spray painting metal relatively headache free.

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Why are experts better?

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An expert is well versed with the steps of spray painting metal. Here are the techniques of pros, and why you better leave the task to them.
Before spray painting metal, he will get rid of the chipping paint and unsightly rust on the surface. He will use coarse-grit sandpaper first, then use a fine-grade sandpaper to make the surface smooth. He will also use a wire brush to remove the loose paint and rust that can ruin the new paint.
After removing the paint and the rust, he will clean the surface of the metal. He might use mineral spirits to lift off the grime and dirt from the surface before spray painting metal.
He will then prepare the area where he will be spray painting metal. He will do this project in a well-ventilated place because the fumes of the paint are pungent. As a professional you don’t have to worry about his safety because he has all the personal protective equipment needed for the job, such as mask, goggles, and overalls.
Spray painting metal experts will avoid painting in a humid area, because it can affect the quality of the paint and how it will adhere to the surface. Unfortunately this is one costly mistake amateurs usually do.
He will then place a drop cloth, wood board, garbage bag or newspapers on the table where he will be spray painting metal.
Before spray painting metal surfaces, he will apply primer first and let the coat dry for an hour.
He will then shake the can well before spray painting metal objects.
Afterwards, he will apply spray paint on a certain part of the metal before proceeding with spray painting metal. With this test he can check if the nozzle is free from obstructions. This technique is what sets the pros apart from the amateurs, because with this test he can make sure that the paint is even and uniform. After testing the paint, he will go ahead with spray painting metal objects.

Spray painting metal

Spray painting metal is an art, and the professional has the experience, which makes him good in what he does. An expert will make sure he holds the can about a foot away from the surface. This mistake is commonly committed by amateurs, those who paint from a close distance will see runs and drips on the surface, while those who paint from too far results in an uneven color.
The expert performs spray painting metal in a sweeping fashion. When spray painting metal, he will apply thin coats of paints to prevent runs and drips from forming on the surface.

Why you should hire a professional for spray painting metal

Amateurs can spray paint metal, but why should you leave this task to the pros? Here are reasons why you should hire an expert.

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• A professional will spray paint metal in a well-ventilated area. Inhaling too much of spray paint can be harmful, so an expert will make sure the doors and windows are open in the places where you are going to paint metal objects. If the item he is going to repaint is located in the living room or the bedroom, he will remove it first and paint it in an open area such as the garage or the garden.
• He has complete protective equipment such as goggles, gloves and a mask.
• He will elect an ideal work area. Certain factors can affect the way of spray painting metal objects. He will avoid places with high humidity, too much wind, or cold temperatures.
• He will work in a clean area. He will wipe the surfaces clean so as to avoid particles and dusts adhering while you are spray painting metal objects.
• He will protect the surroundings by covering the area with drop cloth, especially if he’s planning on spray painting metal items which are big. For small objects, he will place a cardboard on the surface where he’s going to paint them.
• He will remove the rust on the metal surface. He will use sandpaper or wire brush to get rid of the rust. If the rust is too stubborn he will use an industry-grade rust remover – something only professionals have.
• He will remove the dirt and the grease from the surface. He will use a clean cloth to lift off dirt and grime. Dirt will make the surface uneven, and the results can be ugly. Grease and grime will prevent the paint from sticking to the metal surface. If the grime is hard to remove, he will make use of distilled white vinegar to lift the grease away.
• He will apply primer before spray painting metal objects. Paint will not stick to a surface without primer.
• He will shake the can of paint before spray painting metal objects because not doing so can make the paint ugly.
• Before spray painting metal, he will try the shade on a test object. By testing the color he can determine the ‘real’ color of the paint, and how much he needs to get the shade that you want.
• Instead of applying a thick coat of paint, he will apply thin coats and repeat the process to have the color and appearance that you desire.
If you opt for the DIY approach, you won’t think on those lines, or will find it extremely cumbersome. So, revitalize the look of your furniture and furnishings by calling a spray painting metal expert to do the job.

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