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When existing wallpaper is replaced, it can completely transform the looks of the room and give it a great new feel. For wallpaper removal there are a number of things that homeowners need to know before they ever start the project to remove the wallpaper. Whether it’s a do-it-yourself project or it’s decided that the project will take too long and the best course of action is to hire a contractor to do the job. Whether it’s to remove the wallpaper because the wall is to be torn down or painted, or to replace old wallpaper with a fresh new look, hiring a professional contractor is generally the best choice because it will be done right and look great in the end. With years of experience we are one of the best wallpaper removal contractors in the industry.

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Wallpaper Removal Techniques


Wallpaper Removal (Photo credit: katielips)

The first step is to determine the easiest way to remove the wallpaper because it can be an exhausting, frustrating chore, and it can damage the existing wall if it is not done correctly. There are a lot of wallpaper removal techniques for getting that old wallpaper off the walls, but there are a few issues that must be determined before deciding which technique is the most appropriate. The main reason is that it depends on the type of wall that is actually behind the wallpaper. It can be plaster, drywall, or even wood if paper has been placed over previous paneling, and there are different techniques for wallpaper removal without damaging the underlying wall.

If the wall is cooler and very smooth, and sounds solid it is generally plaster, where as if it’s not as cool and rougher, it’s probably drywall or paneling. There are several ways to remove the wallpaper on the drywall, but remember that it’s more susceptible to being damaged if the wallpaper is too wet when it’s being removed.

One good way to start is to use a putty knife and lift a corner of the wallpaper and gently pull the paper away from the wall – if it can be easily peeled off, it should be relatively easy to remove. If dry stripping works at wallpaper removal, the best method is to pull it back at an angle of about ten or 15 degrees – don’t try to pull it straight out because that could damage the drywall that is behind it.

Another method is to soak the wallpaper and scrape it off. Some wallpaper is not very porous and would have to be fairly well soaked before it can be scraped off the wall. Be sure to use warm water with the solvent that is specifically designed for wallpaper removal. For some people, a paint roller works great to evenly spread the mixture over the wallpapers, and thoroughly soak the wallpaper. One tip for this method is don’t soak more than can be scraped off in 15 minutes because if it’s drywall, the moisture can soak into the dry wall and cause damage.

Another great way of wallpaper removal is by using steam, and this is particularly useful if several layers of wallpaper exist under the outermost paper. A wallpaper steamer is a great way to get these multiple layers of wallpaper off the wall without damaging the wall. Once the wallpaper is loosened with the steam, it can be scraped away with a razor scraper.
Once the wallpaper is all removed, the residual glue and backing must also be dealt with, and the contractor also has the tools and the knowledge to know how to clean that off, leave the wall intact, and ensure the wall is ready for whatever the homeowner has planned for it.

Wallpaper Removal Specialists


Wallpaper Removal Specialists (Photo credit: katielips)

So now it’s obvious that before the wallpaper removal can be completed, there are all these steps to know what kind of wall it is, the type of wallpaper, and the best way to remove the wallpaper without damaging the underlying wall. The specialists are generally the best bet when this type of project is undertaken. Getting the specialist like us to remove the existing materials is far easier than getting out the sponges and the water bucket and trying to remove the existing wallpaper.

We not only have the proper tools to safely take the existing wallpaper off the wall without damaging it, but we also have the training to determine the type of wall behind the wallpaper, the type of wallpaper, if there are multiple layers, and the best way to remove the wallpaper. When the right tools are used, along with the correct techniques, the wallpaper can be easily removed and the wall remains intact.

In addition to executing the wallpaper removal professionally, they can also help with ideas on the best color and themes based on the room’s décor. Once the old wallpaper has been successfully removed, and residual glue and backing removed, the specialist is invaluable when it comes to assisting in determining the best course of action for the bare wall.

The wallpaper specialist can now prepare the wall for being painted or for placing new wallpaper on the clean wall. What a difference it can now be for the look of the room, and leaves a lot of room for completely updating the look of the room and turning the old room into a gorgeous new room with minimal cost.

What should you do when hiring the Wallpaper Removal Company?

The best wallpaper removal companies have great reputations because of all the prior customers that have been satisfied with their work. When contacting the specialist be sure to get several bids on the job to be done from preparing the room to cleaning the wall after the wallpaper has been removed. They should also include references in the bid, and if possible, be sure to go see some of the previous customers who were satisfied with the work.

We will provide you bids in writing as well as guarantees of our work. We will identify what steps will be taken if the underlying wall is damaged as the wallpaper is being removed, or the afterwards cleanup process. Getting the best look by wallpaper removal specialist makes for a great finished product.

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