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Warehouse painting is important to keep your warehouse clean and beautiful. After all, your warehouse, which you might also call your storage house or toolshed, protects all the bulky items you cannot keep on your house. While you can perform warehouse painting by yourself, it’s not recommended because of the equipment and items that are needed to complete the task are expensive and you may not have the right skills. Hence, for this job you should hire a contractor, who can help you with your warehouse painting woes in just a small amount of time. It doesn’t matter if it’s made of cedar, metal, or aluminum, if you hire experts, who have done the job for years, warehouse painting can be done efficiently.

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Reasons for a warehouse painting job

East Rutherford NJ Warehouse Paint Metal Siding

East Rutherford NJ Warehouse Paint Metal Siding (Photo credit: OlgerFallasPainting)

Because your toolshed is exposed to different elements, the frequency of repainting will depend on the weather factors and the current condition of the warehouse. If your storage house has not been maintained for a long time, you can expect a more expensive cost of warehouse painting.
If your toolshed serves as home to expensive machineries and farm equipment, then you need to keep it free from rust. For this warehouse painting task you need to hire a professional, who will make use of waterproof colors which coat the roofs and the walls from possible water intrusion.

DIY or professional?

Warehouse painting is not an ordinary painting job. Before you go about with this task, you need to be prepared with recommended warehouse paints and the tools you need such as spray equipment. You also need to take some time off from work, as this can be a lengthy task.
Because of the stress and the time required for a warehouse painting job, the logical choice is to hire a professional who you can count on for this task. These professionals have the needed equipment and the commercial and residential experience that makes them efficient in doing the complicated tasks of warehouse painting.

What to expect during warehouse painting

Ghost sign on old railroad freight office ware...

Ghost sign on old railroad freight office warehouse, in Galveston, Texas (Photo credit: MOLLYBLOCK)

Since most items stored in warehouses are big and bulky, there’s a big chance that you won’t be able to move them prior to painting. If you hire a warehouse painting professional, he can help you move all the items outside of the warehouse. If that is not possible, he will place them in the center and cover them with a drop sheet.
Prior to warehouse painting, the warehouse painting expert will line your floors with a drop sheet. If you do it yourself, chances are you will only use rags or cloths that will just absorb the paint. It can soak through your floors causing a hard to remove stain. This alone is a big reason why you should hire a professional.
He will also use masking tape on trims and skirting boards. He will tape the corners to keep it safe from stains. A warehouse painting professional will also apply tape to electrical switches. DIYers tend to remove them, which makes the process longer.
The warehouse painting contractor will peel off and remove the powdery, flaky and loose paint from the surfaces. He will clean the greasy and dirty surfaces with sugar soap, as scum will prevent paint from adhering to the surfaces.
Before he starts, he will use a sealant or filler on cracks and holes before starting with warehouse painting. He will also sand the irregular surfaces to have a smooth surface. He will dust it off immediately, as dust will prevent the paint from sticking to surface where you paint it.

Why you need a warehouse painting professional

East Rutherford NJ Warehouse Paint Metal Siding.

East Rutherford NJ Warehouse Paint Metal Siding. (Photo credit: OlgerFallasPainting)

 With this project there are lots of preparations involved before you get to the painting process. First, the warehouse needs to be cleaned and pressure washed – the recommended force is 6000 PSI for best results. Warehouse painting professionals have cleaners with this amount of power.

Prep work, which is forgotten by most DIYers, is a step in warehouse painting that a professional doesn’t forget. It helps provide a suitable surface for finish coating and primer.
Coatings that resist bad weather and impact are used by warehouse painting professionals so your toolshed can withstand the damage that storms, hurricanes and earthquakes might cause.
After the application of a finish coat, rust preventative coatings and corrosion-resistant coatings can also be added by request from the warehouse painting professional. These coats resist rust and lengthen the life of the paint.
Painting roofs made of metal sheeting can be a hard task, and warehouse painting experts have lifts and appropriate paints which are glossy and impact-resistant.
As for flat decks, floors and porches, proper paints will be used according to the substrate. The same goes for pavements, driveways and parking lots. These paints will be used by warehouse painting professionals. It can be stained or seal-coated according to your needs.

Warehouse painting the floors

Several warehouse painting jobs involve marking the floors with different colors. This is because these shades tell you where you can find the equipment that you need. For this task you will need the help of a warehouse painting expert, as it can be very tricky.
For travel isles of forklifts and other machines, a warehouse painting expert will draw lines that are yellow, or yellow with diagonal black stripes.
For areas where first aid kits and equipment such as defibrillators and stretchers are kept, warehouse painting experts will put green and white striped lines. This color means that no items should be placed on this area.
For hazardous areas where electrical panels and chemicals are kept, warehouse painting professionals will make use of red and white colors. These colors will tell the employees to be cautious when around this area.
If your warehouse is just a general storage area, then the colors you need for warehouse painting the floors are black and white. These paints will be drawn in stripes.
After hiring an expert with this task, you need to inspect the toolshed periodically in order to prevent damage and another painting task. Now that you know what’s involved with warehouse painting, you can now call a professional to help you out!

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