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Anyone who has ever had damage from rains or floods will always state that waterproofing the house appropriately is an absolute necessity. Certainly, there are many points of origin that water can get into a house due to flooding or heavy rains, but there are also issues that arise from leaking plumbing or air conditioning condensation that can also cause water damage. There are several things that building contractors and waterproofing experts can do to ensure that the home is as waterproof as possible from the basement to the attic.

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Why Hire a Waterproofing Expert

Since there are a variety of manners in which water seeps in and causes damage in a home, a waterproofing contractor is an excellent source because they can determine what is causing the water damage. They have had experiences that have given them a solid understanding of how the water can drain in the affected area to cause the damage, and the most appropriate technique to determine where the leak is coming from, seal it, and the best method to use to repair the damage.

Once we have done a thorough inspection of the damaged area, whether it is the basement, the attic, or a room in the home, we will provide a description of what we have found, along with an estimate of the types of repairs that are recommended, and the expected cost of completing all repair work. While we have our own crews handle the necessary work to seal or repair the area that is leaking, other waterproofing contractors have “on contract” crews that will repair the water damage to the drywall, ceiling, or flooring that was damaged.

Waterproofing a Basement or Crawlspace

Reaction of drywall boards and finishes to a s...

Lack of waterproofing: Reaction of drywall boards and finishes to a small water leak. Deutsch: Reaktion von Gipskartonplatten auf eine kleine Menge Wasser. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

First, there are a number of areas that the painting contractor will seek in a basement or crawlspace where waterproofing is necessary to prevent any outside rains or floodwaters from entering the basement. Sometimes they find that the leaking is caused from cracks in the outside wood or bricks, cracks caused in the flooring by the shifting substrata, from a crack that was long ago repaired, or even a pipe that suddenly has burst. Other times the water seeps in around the joint between the walls at the corners, at the ceiling, or between the walls and the flooring.

There are numerous methods that we can use to greatly cut down on damage that has been done and for waterproofing and sealing these areas using interior sealants. There are a variety of urethane, polymer, or epoxy sealers that can be injected into the cracks and crevices, or sprayed on the areas that prevent the excess moisture from entering the basement. We will determine which strategy is particularly effective depending on the location of the leak, the type of foundation, and what is causing the leak – particularly if it’s an inside or an outside leak. Some polymers can be sprayed right on the walls, ceiling, flooring, or joints; where other sealants must be injected into these areas. Fortunately most sealants dry quickly, and are somewhat flexible with the movement of the home as the ground shifts.

Another problem that we will look for is if the damage stems from masonry structures that form the foundation of the home. There are some instances where these sealers don’t necessarily provide adequate protection and leaking continues during times of high humidity, which causes the “spalling” effect that damages these concrete surfaces. In some areas it’s even recommended that subterranean weep holes be drilled to allow the excess moisture to properly drain. There is an assortment of drainage techniques to help prevent further damage that the painting contractors can recommend. The waterproofing contractor also recommends other methods that can help eliminate the leakage completely.

Attic Waterproofing

A small water spot on the ceiling of a room. T...

A small water spot on the ceiling of a room. This water damage was caused by rainwater leaking into a roof. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The other most common culprit where much of the water damage is done is the attic. waterproofing the attic is vital because water damage in that area eventually drains down into the rest of the house causing more damage. The most common offender of a leak in the attic is the roof. When the roof is damaged by shingles that have been blown away by storms or high winds, or the roof is split due to shifting in the foundation, the contractor determines where the water is getting into the attic and recommends repairs. If the roof has been damaged by a shifting foundation, the foundation repairs must be completed prior to the roof repairs; otherwise when the house is raised any repairs will be affected and potentially more damage is done.

There are many products that are available for waterproofing the attic including sealants and caulking, products that are great to repair the area around the chimney, as well as polymers that are sprayed on the areas that are leaking. If the roof is sound, and no leaking is due to problems in the roof, there could be areas around the gutters that are also allowing water to seep in instead of drain properly down the gutters. (Generally this is due to clogged gutters, and that has to be cleaned first as well.) If the leak is due to plumbing pipes or air conditioning condensation, the contractors are usually trained in determining the best course of action to remedy these issues as well.

Finding the Waterproofing Specialist

The best way to help prevent damage is to get a waterproofing contractor that can look over the entire structure and make recommendations for each area from the crawl space or basement all the way to the attic. Be sure to talk with the National Association of Waterproofing and Structural Repair Contractors to get recommendations for one that is reliable and provides high quality in the work they perform.

We have been in business for many years and can provide you with recommendations from a variety of previous clients (whether satisfied or dissatisfied), and we guarantee our work. We also provide a description of the problems found, their plan for completing the repairs, and an estimate for the cost of the work before we begin the waterproofing job.

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